Mum left mortified after hilarious toilet training fail during husband's conference call

The mother thought quarantine was the perfect time to toilet train her toddler.
The mother thought quarantine was the perfect time to toilet train her toddler. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Most parents have at least one horror story from toilet training their kids. However usually it's the child's... uh, mishaps that leave us laughing.

One mother has experienced an embarrassing moment to end all embarrassing moments - after she loudly announced that she pooped, only to have it accidentally overheard by my husband's very large and important conference call that was happening on Zoom.

Posting the story to Reddit, she described the story in excruciating, but hysterical detail. 

"Since there's not much else to do while working from home under quarantine, we've decided we're going to potty train our two-year old next month," the mortified mum wrote.

She then went on to explain that in order to encourage their toddler to use the potty, her husband and their five-year-old have been announcing when they do their business.

"Then [we] promptly giving each other high fives and cheers, etc," she continues. "Two is definitely curious and each time we tell her, 'Just wait until you do it, you can get all the cheers!'"

A fun idea quickly turned into more of a horror story, when the mother loudly announced to her family that she'd had success with her toilet endeavours.

"So today after I do my business, I proudly run-down stairs and proclaim in a loud 'reaches-the-back-of-the-room' kind of voice, 'I WENT POOPIE ON THE POTTY!!!!!'," the horrified mum-of-two wrote, saying her announcement was followed by dead silence.

Mother training her toddler to use the potty

Mother training her toddler to use the potty Photo: Getty Images


"I look at my family staring back at me with wide eyes," she continued. "I'm really confused until a heartbeat later, I realised my husband is on a conference call that is both unmuted and on speaker. And they've just heard my grand announcement."

Because the story isn't humiliating enough, she clarified that  it wasn't her husband's immediate work team on the call, but a huge conference call with many supervisors across different sites who were discussing some upcoming program changes.

Saying she wished the floor would "just swallow her up right there', she shouted "Omg are you on a CONFERENCE CALL?!" While her toddler loudly cheered that "Mummy went potty".

"I'm not sure what happened next because I died," she wrote. "RIP me and I'm not going to any Christmas party ever again now."

Redditers sympathised with the woman, although most agreed that it wasn't strange.

"Yeah this isn't that big of a deal. Just funny," one user wrote.

"That's honestly much too cute to be angry," said another. "What did your husband say or how did it turn out?

"There were a few snickers and giggles", the woman said, explaining his co-workers were joking about it sending messages like "congrats" and "way to go" and stuff. "But they moved on," she wrote."My husband muted himself after [toddler's] response and also died laughing."

"Any participant on the conference call who has raised children (or even been a close uncle or aunt) will understand," another user assured her, with others agreeing.