Mitsubishi recalls 430,000 Australian cars

Hundreds and thousands of popular family cars are among vehicles recalled by Mitsubishi due to steering, brake and electrical issues.

The recalled cars were manufactured and sold between 2009 and 2016 and include Mitsubishi Colt, i-MiEV, Lancer, Lancer Sport-back, Outlander, Challenger, Pajero, Triton and Ralliart models.

A decade of Pajero models are included in the recall
A decade of Pajero models are included in the recall Photo: Mitsubishi

A notice on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website says Mitsubishi will be in touch with owners of affected cars.

"Mitsubishi Motors Australia will contact all known owners by mail as soon as possible and advise them to present their vehicle to a Mitsubishi dealer for rectification," the notice reads.

"Consumers who require further information should contact Mitsubishi Motors Australia on 1300 131211."

There are seven separate faults and defects that are subject of the recall. They are listed in detail below:

Colt power steering recall 

There is a defect in the electronic power steering gearbox in certain 11MY Colt vehicles.


"Due to improper crimping of the terminal connection between the steering force torque sensor and the wiring harness a continuity failure may occur," the ACCC statement reads.

"This defect may cause the warning lamp to illuminate and power-assist function of steering to stop, requiring increased steering effort. This may create an injury hazard to car occupants and other road users."

VIN ranges of affected vehicles:

11MY Colt CVT: JMFXTZ23ABZ000234 ~ JMFXTZ23ABZ001624
11MY Colt M/T: JMFXNZ23ABZ000143 ~ JMFXNZ23ABZ000578

i-MiEV brake warning lamp recall 

"The brake warning lamp may illuminate due to improper software judgement that the vacuum pump relay has seized," the ACC notice reads. 

"On selected vehicles the location of the brake vacuum pump exhaust may allow mud or sand to accumulate, and if this contains road salt, corrosion may result blocking the exhaust port of the pump. Either condition can result in ineffective operation of the brake vacuum pump."

VIN ranges of affected vehicles:

JMFLDHA1WAU001714 ~ 002896
JMFLDHA3WAU003201 ~ 003627
JMFLDHA3WCU000201 ~ 000288

Lancer, Lancer sport-back and Outlander unstable voltage recall

A mistake during the manufacturing process could cause the car's voltage to be incorrect.

"The head lights may turn off and/or the window wipers may become inoperable. Under certain driving conditions, this could potentially cause an accident," the ACCC notice reads.

VIN ranges of affected vehicles:

Campaign 010094 09-10MY Outlander - target 11 832
Campaign 010095 09-10MY Lancer Sport-back - target 10 424
Campaign 010096 09-10MY Lancer Sedan - target 22 329

Outlander trailer wiring recall

A design change at Mitsubishi means the trailer bike accessory is not suitable for some Outlanders.

"Use of the harness will stop the electric trailer brakes from functioning and the trailer brake lights will not operate," the ACCC statement reads.

VIN ranges of affected vehicles:


Mitsubishi switch connector recall

This recall affects several Mitsubishi models and results from insufficient rigidity of the the turn signal and lighting switch connector terminals.

"This may result in an accumulation of oxidised dust on the connector terminals. Excessive dust accumulation can act as an insulator, affecting proper terminal conductivity," the ACC notice reads.

"Continued usage under this condition could cause conduction failure resulting in head lamp, turn signal lamps, parking lamp, front/rear fog lamp, tail lamp, number plate lamp and cabin lamp failing to operate or to operate intermittently."

VIN ranges/Campaign numbers affected:

010106 PB, PC Challenger (target 11 846)
010107 GA, GB i-MiEV (target 237)
010108 CJ Lancer Sedan (target 92 954)
010109 CJ Lancer Sportback (target 28 269)
010110 ZG, ZH Outlander (target 46 262)
010111 NS, NT, NW, NX Pajero (target 50 733)
010112 ML, MN Triton 4x2 (target 43 616)
010113 ML, MN Triton 4x4 Auto (target 35 786)
010114 ML, MN Triton 4x4 Manual (target 73 676)

Lancer and Ralliart fuel tank recall 

"The rear right hand side parking brake cable may interfere with fuel tank and may result in damage to the protective coating of the fuel tank," the ACC notice reads.

"The fuel tank might rust through, allowing fuel to leak."

VIN ranges of affected vehicles:

14MY Lancer Evolution 10 (campaign 010104)

15MY Lancer Evolution 10 (campaign 010104)

14MY Ralliart (campaign 010105)

15MY Ralliart (campaign 010105)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV motor control unit recall

The final recall relates to a fault with the vehicle's motor control unit. 

"The resistance of the insulated base of the Motor Control Unit (MCU) may increase," the ACCC notice reads. 

"As a result the circuit voltage may become unstable, causing the malfunction lamp to illuminate and activating the fail-safe control mode restricting the driving motor power.

"A loss of driving motor power may occur and the vehicle may not be able to be restarted and/or the battery may not be able to be charged, which could potentially cause an accident."

VIN range of affected vehicles:

Campaign 010103 (target 37)