I kept all my positive pregnancy tests and kids baby teeth - and it's not gross

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images 

I don't think fallen baby teeth or used pregnancy tests are gross, and what's more, I've kept them all.

Three deliberately-conceived children with all their chompers means a lot of pregnancy tests and even more baby teeth.

People recoil in horror when I tell them I've got every single tooth and test, and my amusement is real when they think I'm serious about bringing each biological hazard out to show them. 

The pregnancy tests are so very sentimental to me, signifying the sheer thrill, disbelief and joy of discovering they were growing inside me, destined to take over my entire life and redefine it.

Looking at those two lines, I could feel the whole earth shift on its axis; my world was about to be rocked by the power of a small individual built by me.

I would hold those tests in my hand, feel my heart pounding, my mind already wondering whose eyes they would get, whether they would be fair or dark, and already sensing the heft of their newborn selves in my arms.

Those tests in those moments held small universes in my imagination, the very first message that someone precious to me had arrived. Someone I would unquestioningly give my own life for.

So I weed on those plastic sticks - big whoop. I've dealt with more urine in 15 years of parenthood than those tests have ever seen.

They are packaged neatly in a zip lock bag in a plastic storage box so they're hardly hanging around on the benches in my food prep areas or jumping out from dark corners to scare people. Now there's an image... King Kong-sized used pregnancy tests coming to get us all...


I digress.

The baby teeth? Not macabre at all! Well not to me.

No, they're not on display on my mantelpiece in a gruesome arrangement, but neatly placed in built-for-purpose tooth wheels which solves the storage dilemma admirably.

I grew them after all; each tiny tooth somewhat to blame for some of my pregnancy exhaustion and urge to hibernate. Those perfectly-formed gnashers enabled my children to eat, sustaining their totally insane energy levels throughout their early years.

Not only that, but those teeth contain precious stem cells that might one day help them to overcome an illness. Or to help improve the health of others. 

I've already written about how stem cells from baby teeth can currently be used a decade down the track to treat medical conditions and even regrow body tissue after injury. You just never know.

I see those baby teeth as a scientific marvel that not only represents their growth from small kid to bigger kid, but also the wonderment of life itself. Those life-saving magic cells are just hanging out in their their wee baby toothy-pegs.

They feel like a small insurance policy that we might have up our sleeve if our children need it down the track. Science is already doing great things with stem cells and I can't wait to see what's ahead.

So before you write them off as 'gross' consider for minute how actually great baby teeth and used pregnancy tests really are. 

You might be grossed out by mine (and that's fine), but really, your own aren't so bad. They're maligned and misunderstood, and in my books, well worth keeping.