How to easily remove price stickers from gifts

Price sticker removal can be a tricky process.
Price sticker removal can be a tricky process.  Photo: Supplied

It's the bane of the perfectionist gift giver. While getting your presents ready to wrap, you start to remove the price tags* … and are left with half of them stuck on.

You try ripping the sticker off but it leaves a residue, or is just too stubborn to budge without gouging bits of the gift off with it. By the time you're done, you wish you'd just left it on and not even bothered in the first place.

In order to try to avoid this all happening, here are a few ideas to try. Of course, think about the object you're dealing with and if it will handle each ingredient – you don't want to damage the item more in the process.

Happy wrapping!

The heat from the hair dryer should loosen the glue and let it peel right off in one go.

If you've got any residue left over, try using an eraser to rub off the sticker segments.

Or … 


The acetone in the polish remover should also help loosen the glue. Use a cotton wool pad to dab at the area, not rub, or hold it directly on the sticker for a few seconds.

Or ... 

Or ... 

As one last idea, you can make your own Goo Remover – find the instructions here

* Unless you're my dad, who habitually forgets the price tag removal step and then grabs the gift off us to rip it off once we've unwrapped it. Merry Christmas Dad!