Free parenting course: Find the ‘awesome’ in your family

awesome parenting
awesome parenting 

We know you love your kids, but we also know that parenting can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where our FREE four-week parenting course comes in.

Created by psychologist and the director of Parent Wellbeing, Jodie Benveniste, and in partnership with Essential Baby, the course aims to help every family find their ‘awesome’.

Over a series of 20 emails – you’ll get one every weekday – you’ll be given points to think about, and new actions to put in place in your home. At the end of the course, you’ll have new skills and insights that will help increase family functioning and avoid emotional and behavioural problems in your children. And it's fun, too! 

You will also be chat with others about the daily tasks, and get support from those who are also taking part, in a special section of the Essential Baby forum.

And yes, it really is free – at no stage will you be asked to pay for the program.

The first email will be sent on Monday August 26, so sign up today to make sure you’re part of this exciting new program.  

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Why we need to find our awesome


The program responds to independent research published in the Australian Psychologist, which shows that children with well-adjusted behaviour come from families with strong and cohesive relationships.

The study of 5000 families from the Victorian Child Health & Wellbeing Study found that poor family functioning is associated with a greater risk of parent’s psychological distress, and higher behavioural difficulties in children.

“We all desire great things for our children and want them to experience kindness, joy and peace, be confident, and pursue their passions. But there are concerning statistics about how well our children are doing – many children are experiencing anxiety, depression and weight issues,” Jodie Benveniste says.

“Strong and loving family relationships are a sign of a supportive home environment, which helps children to learn positive behaviours and impacts on their wellbeing.”

Recognising that every family is unique, Ms Benveniste says that the exciting part of the program is that every family will be unearthing their unique brand of ‘awesome’.

“We’ve designed a program that helps parents discover the practices that will work in their family, to help them create closer connections and strengthen their family relationships,” she says.

Learn more about Jodie and the program, or sign up now and join the conversation.

Plus - you can win: everyone who enrolls in the course will go into the draw to win a pack of 10 Disney DVDs!