Dramatic footage shows toddler being rescued from hot car

Alma Zamarripa and her little girl.
Alma Zamarripa and her little girl. Photo: Fox59

A police camera has recorded the dramatic rescue of a toddler who was accidentally locked in a hot car.

The 18-month-old US girl had been in the car for 15 minutes on a hot day in Logan, Utah after her six-year-old brother accidentally locked the car with his sister and the keys inside. 

The little girl's mother Alma Zamarripa tried unsuccessfully to get her daughter to open the car.

"I kept telling her ... to click the buttons, to pull on the knob, and she wouldn't, she couldn't capture it, she's never tried to open a door," Zamarripa told Fox 59.

Outside the temperature was 25°C, but inside the car the temperature was closer to 38°C. Police officer Matt Woods said the girl was very upset and in danger of overheating when he arrived at the scene.

"The child was screaming and crying," Woods told Fox. "She was sweating profusely, she looked to the point where she was getting endangered there."

The officer had to decide whether he would wait for another police car to arrive with tools to unlock the car, or break a window to free the toddler. 

Zamarripa had no doubt which option to take. She gave Woods a hammer and the officer smashed the car window to reach the distraught little girl.


"Seeing her reaction, just panicking, I'd rather a window go than my daughter," Zamarripa said.

"I'm just thankful that we have caring police."

Woods cut his fingers reaching through the jagged glass as he pulled the toddler to safety. The little girl was handed her to her mother and given water.

Ambulance officers checked over the toddler after she was freed from the car.

It is not believed she will need any treatment as a result of her ordeal.