Dead mouse found in rice paper roll

The summer chicken roll which hid the dead mouse.
The summer chicken roll which hid the dead mouse. Photo: Supplied

A woman claims she ate part of a dead mouse after biting into a rice paper roll she bought at a Woolworths store in Queensland. 

(Warning: dead animal shown in image below)

The Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper reports the woman tasted fur and swallowed part of the mouse before realising what it was.

The woman's daughter, Emilie Petrusic, told the newspaper she went with her mother to the Robina Woolworths, on the Gold Coast, and reported the rodent in the roll immediately after it was discovered on Sunday.

She said her mother was undergoing blood tests ordered by her doctor becuase she swallowed some of the mouse.

"It was absolutely terrible - I've never experienced something like this," she said.

"It's like it's been planted because they hand-make those things - how can a whole animal be inside it?

"She was mortified and I was fuming. I went straight down there."


Staff at the Woolworths store refunded the family's money and the incident is now being investigated by Gold Coast Health and the local council.

But Woolworths has released a statement denying the mouse was in the roll when it was purchased at the store.

"If it was in fact inside the roll, that happened after it left the store," the statement said.

"Our investigations will continue but based on that advice and our own investigations and that of the health authorities we have no reason to believe the contamination happened in our store."

However a Gold Coast Health spokesman told the newspaper investigations into the incident were ongoing.

"We really can't say whether this is real or not at this time but we will continue with this process," Dr Paul Van Buynder said.

"We've received a complaint, we've picked up the specimen and we're interviewing people."