Dad defends wife who was shamed for being a stay-at-home mum

Brad Kearns with his wife Sarah and their children, Knox and Finn.
Brad Kearns with his wife Sarah and their children, Knox and Finn.  Photo: Facebook/dadmum

A furious dad has taken to Facebook to slam the stranger who belittled his wife, a stay-at-home mum.

Brad Kearns, 27, was at a wedding with his wife Sarah when a fellow guest made a remark suggesting that she had taken the easy option. "So you just stay home and look after the kids?" Kearns reported the stranger as saying.

Responding to the remark, Kearns, who is dad to two-year-old Knox and six-month-old Finn, said that the generalisation about stay-at-home parents "f*****g stinks."

"I am really f*****g proud of her and everything she's achieved, which was more accolades and awards for service than this bloke ever will," he wrote.

"Yet he somehow managed to judge before he asked. I love that she wants to take this time to raise our beautiful children. She will never get this time again."

Kearns added that there is "nothing wrong" with being a stay-at-home parent.

"Don't judge, don't assume, don't anything. Just mind your own business and let people live their life how they want to.

"I am also very proud of Sarah's response. She kept her cool (much to my amazement as I was about to get the popcorn out)."


The post, which has received nearly 4000 'likes', resonated with other stay-at-home mums and dads. 

"There is no 'just' staying home with the kids. I too used to be a police officer – and I'd rather deal with a psychotic druggie than a toddler who's missed his nap!" wrote one commenter.

"I was a SAHM for nine years. So glad I had that time with my kids. It's not a nine-to-five job. There's no holidays or sick days. It really used to piss me off when I'd tell people I was a stay home mum and get they'd give me that 'look'.

"I think it's much easier to go to work every day then be a stay-at-home mum and there should be more recognition of this," said another.

It's not the first time Kearns has written about his respect for stay-at-home parents. Earlier this year Sarah had to go into hospital when her liver failed, and Kearns was left in charge of the kids.

After a gruelling 16 hours of "being a mum" Kearns admitted defeat, saying "I failed".