BuggyCart solves the dilemma of shopping with a pram

The BuggyCart in action.
The BuggyCart in action. 

Ducking to the shops for some groceries is a whole other ballgame once you have a baby.

Sure, there are trolleys with baby seats but what if there isn't one available? Or your baby hates riding in them, or they're dirty?

Then if you take the pram in, you inevitably end up overloading the back of the pram with bags, creating a tipping hazard.

Now the BuggyCart has just won its creator Helen Druitt the St George Banking Group AusMumpreneur Innovation Award - and we can see why.

A portable, folding shopping cart that holds up to 15kg and attaches to the pram and wheels itself along behind it is most surely a busy parent's saviour.

Helen Druitt had just had her third child when she had difficulty shopping for her five-person family with baby Lennox in the pram. The basket underneath was simply too small.

So she invented the BuggyCart, patented it and made sure it was universal for all full size prams - and that it could also replace all the other aftermarket caddies and bags that weigh down the back of the pram.

The BuggyCart is $99.95 plus $15 shipping within Australia.

Watch the video to see it in action ...