Brita 3-way tap

Brita 3-way tap

As a long-time user of BRITA filtered water jugs, I was thrilled to try the new BRITA 3-way dispenser tap, which delivers filtered water straight from the main kitchen tap.

BRITA claims that its filters remove heavy metals, including lead and copper, as well as the carbonate hardness that causes limescale build-up in kettles and affects the taste and aroma of tea or coffee.

Carbon filtration also reduces substances that affect the taste and smell of tap water, such as chlorine, some pesticides and organic impurities.

BRITA 3-Way dispenser tap.

BRITA WD 3030 3-Way dispenser tap.

We use filtered water in our coffee machine and when cooking rice, as well as for every day drinking at home and out and about, using refillable water bottles.

The dispenser tap comes in several styles, all made of chrome-plated brass. It is connected to a filtration system which sits under the sink and plugs in to the water mains. You use one lever for filtered water, and one mixer lever for hot or cold water. Simple! Although it can be self-installed, I chose a plumber to ensure a professional installation and less mess.

Our family has found that having filtered water  'on tap', is just so much more convenient than using a jug which needs to be filled multiple times a day, with a few minutes needed for the water to filter through each time. With the dispenser tap, there’s no delay - just pull the lever and enjoy fresh-tasting water.

We still use our old Maxtra jug to store filtered water from the tap in the fridge. Without the jug filter, it can hold much more chilled water, just perfect for the summer months.

The BRITA 3-way dispenser tap systems start from AU $379 including one filter and are available at leading hardware and electrical stores. Filters generally last six months and can be re-purchased at an extra cost.