15 gadgets to make cooking more fun

tools Photo: Flickr/ Nadja Robot

Let's be honest: when it comes down to it, cooking is more often a mindless chore than a fun activity.

Whether you don't know the difference between slicing a lemon crosswise versus lengthwise, or you always end baking experiments covered in flour dust, let's just concede that not everyone is as cheery as Julia Child.

But there's hope! Companies have recognized this culinary dilemma, and have developed a number of gadgets, gizmos and tools to make preparing food a lot more fun. From a ball-shaped ice cream maker to a sandwich cutter that makes your PB&J look like Tetris pieces, check out the list of gadgets below. (All prices US.)

1. The Shake, Rattle and Roll ice cream maker

Here's how this ice cream maker works: You put cream, sugar, vanilla and flavoring in one compartment, and ice and rock salt in the other. Then you play with it.

And we thought there couldn't be anything more fun than eating ice cream.

Price: $34.95

2. Bites and Pieces sandwich cutter


You've probably never wished your sandwich could be cut into Tetris pieces, but that's only because it seemed impossible. This easy-to-use sandwich cutter makes it a reality, one bite at a time.

Price: $9.99

3. Rainbow Whisk

Whisks are pretty fun on their own, but we bet they're even more fun when they're rainbow-colored, like this whisk from Kuhn Rikon.

Price: $20

4. Strawberry slicer

This strawberry slicer makes slicing strawberries quick, easy and enjoyable. When you squeeze the handle, a strawberry will be cut into pieces by a blade inside the gadget's special compartment.

Price: $11.99

5. French fry slicer

This french fry slicer makes up to 36 steak fries or 64 matchstick fries, depending on which of the interchangeable blades you choose.

Price: $69.95

6. Avocado cuber 

This tool makes manageable cubes of avocado with ease, so that you never have to have avocado-less meal again.

Price: $17.95

7. Farfalle pot grips

Better known as "bowtie pasta," farfalle also makes a great great shape for pot grips any pasta lover will love.

Price: $14.99

8. Corn zipper

The name "corn zipper" alone should make you want this gadget, but we imagine the corn tastes pretty good, too.

Price: $12.95

9. Chili taco grips

These chili-shaped taco grips are festive and useful, both for filling tacos and for preventing spillage while you eat.

Price: $3.99

10. Retro ice cream scooper

Retro ice cream shops are in right now, so this baby blue ice cream scooper is perfect for jumping on the trend.

Price: $14.99

11. Strawberry huller

This strawberry-shaped huller quickly removes the leaves and stems from strawberries, which you need to do before you do the absolutely necessary task of filling them with chocolate sauce.

Price: $7.95

12. Lego block spatula and spoons

If The Lego Movie made you want to play with Legos again, these are for you. You can easily store them by snapping them on their Lego block hanger.

Price: $39.99

13. Dumpling cube

The dumpling cube comes with a square pastry cutter for trimming your dough before you mold it into the classic half-moon dumpling shape. The cube opens and closes for easy storage.

Price: $24.99

14. Farm animal pot clips

Having nowhere to put a spoon dripping in marina sauce is a problem. These farm animal clips (one chicken and one pig) are the solution to that problem.

Price: $2.99

15. Mix Stix drumstick spoons

These stirring spoons double as drumsticks, because let's be honest -- banging on pots is still fun.

Price: $6.99

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