Why I'm never calling myself 'just a mum' again

Bianca Wordley with her daughters.

BIANCA WORDLEY I’ve grown three human beings. I feed them, dress them, teach them, care for them and love them 24 hours a day. Yet for eight years, when I meet new people and they’ve asked me what I do, I tell them: “I’m just a mum”.

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22 handy hints for better living at home

PLASTIC FANTASTIC: Get those Legos nice and fresh.

It's time to wash those Legos (and 21 other tips for better living in 2015).

Forgotten Baby Syndrome claims the life of toddler

child car

Liam Hyslop One baby dies every eight days in the back of a car in the US, victims of 'forgotten baby syndrome'.

11 tips to avoid buying a lemon of a car

Used cars for sale

Buying a second-hand car can be a bit like navigating a minefield. Here are 12 tips for dodging the old bombs and clangers.


10 tips to get your home cleaner


LIVIA GAMBLE How often do you wash your towels and sheets? Our experts say it's probably not enough.


Out with the clutter

Decluttering by the numbers: take the 30-day challenge

Writer Victoria Lambert with some of the items she decided to turf.

Victoria Lambert Forget the 5:2 diet - Twitter's 30-day declutter challenge will have your house back in shape in no time (well, a month).

So hot: 13 iconic Aussie ice creams reviewed

13 Australian ice creams ranked.

TOM COWIE We present a definitive ranking of ice creams you can find in your local freezer.


Toddler killed in grandparents' driveway


Jorge Branco A 15-month-old boy hit by a car in an Ipswich driveway has died.

I'm not a mum, but I can have an opinion on raising kids

Kitty Flanagan I think it's time childless people were allowed to offer an opinion on modern-day parenting.

How my happy-go-lucky husband became a monster

Detective Sergeant Scott Andrew Nicholson with his family.

Cydonee Mardon Sharan Nicholson-Rogers watched her husband change from a happy-go-lucky police officer into an unpredictable man prone to violent and emotional outbursts.

Tips for studying while raising young kids

studying mum

Kym Campradt Making the decision to return to study can be a tough one, no matter what stage of life you're at. But when you're a mum, it can be an even more tricky.


Dad films baby playing with snake

snake baby

LETITIA ROWLANDS Most parents would not consider a snake an appropriate playmate for their baby, but a US dad who filmed his daughter playing with a python has defended himself against criticism.

It's time for the least-liked Christmas tradition

Farewell tree: it was fun while it lasted.

JESSICA RUDD Packing up the tree is the first domestic ordeal of the calendar year, which is why many of us put it off.

Victoria to make raw milk undrinkable

Tough new laws for raw milk are being introduced in Victoria.

Melissa Laria Raw milk products produced in Victoria will have to be treated or laced with a bitter taste to stop humans drinking it.

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10 things to cook with Christmas leftovers

Leftover ham in your fridge?

CAROLINE VELIK Always left with mountains of ham, salmon and bread after Christmas? Make the most of your leftovers with these great tips.


How to deal with family on Facebook

Still learning: Older relatives new to Facebook may need to be told their shared posts can be seen by strangers.

Rashida Tayabali Feeling red-faced or angry with the oversharing sister-in-law or mum? You’re not alone.

How to take the perfect family Christmas photo

Great family Christmas photos will provide happy memories in years to come.

Kari Richardson Do you struggle to capture that perfect photo of your family in front of the Christmas tree? Here are some simple tips to help you succeed this year.

Help - we have a maternitywear misunderstanding

Uh oh ... what now?

Andrea Bonoir I have a major, awkward misunderstanding with a friend. What now?

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Lyndey Milan's 10 best baking tips

Lyndey Milan's chocolate hazelnut biscuits.

Lyndey Milan Whipping up a cake or biscuits need never instil fear again.

Ouch: study supports 'male idiot theory'

Dutch courage? Men are more prone to risk-taking behaviour.

CATHERINE RODIE A new study has used data to claim that men are idiots.


Pineapple puts dog on high alert

stella pineapple

Pineapples are certainly unusual looking – but to this dog, they're particularly alarming.

The 'Secret Santas' paying toy bills for strangers


Rob Crilly Wealthy 'secret Santas' are popping up across the country and paying off toyshop bills to spread festive cheer and help struggling families.

The danger of portable pools

Children under three years of age are the most at risk of drowning in portable pools.

LETITIA ROWLANDS They may seem like a great way to keep your family cool while having fun in the backyard over summer, but the Royal Life Saving Society Australia is warning parents about the dangers posed by portable swimming pools.

Marriage proposal goes horribly wrong

A crane crashed into the roof of a house when a man's wedding proposal went wrong.

A Dutchman's attempt at a romantic wedding proposal was a smashing success, but not in the way he had hoped.

I accidentally became a stay-at-home mum - and I love it


Hannah Shuckburgh Much to her surprise, Hannah Shuckburgh finds that being a stay-at-home mum is just her cup of tea.


10 easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas


Babyology It's officially time to get into the Christmas spirit. Why not branch out when you put up your tree this year and add a personal touch with a few DIY decorations? We've found the perfect easy-to-make ways to put more festive fever into your home.

Not-so-bright spark disconnects street light for Christmas display

Christmas lights may be fun, but not worth possibly electrocuting yourself over ...

One bright spark has risked electrocution by disconnecting a street light outside his house to add that extra twinkle to his Christmas light display.


Facebook 'copyright notices' won't protect your photos

You already own what you post, Facebook says.

LARISSA NICHOLSON A viral post doing the rounds says it will shore up your copyright if you post it. But does it work?


Dead mouse found in rice paper roll

The mouse with the roll in which it was allegedly found.

A woman claims she ate part of a dead mouse after biting into a rice paper roll she bought at a Woolworths store in Queensland.


How to photograph food like a pro

Robert Charles Fairfax NZ

Every good cook knows the mark of a great meal is how it looks cropped and filtered on your Instagram feed. OK, maybe not. But let's be real, you're going to take photos of this year's holiday spread, so it might as well look stellar.

Top tips for DIY nursery decoration

Decorating your baby's nursery doesn't have to be expensive, but it certainly is fun.

AMITY DRY While finding out the sex of your baby does make nursery decorating a bit easier, there are still plenty of options for those who want a gender-neutral look.

City to sparkle beneath a million Christmas lights for SIDS and Kids

David Richards among the Guinness World record attempt for the largest LED light image display.

EMMA KELLY Well known in his neighbourhood for his amazing Christmas displays, David Richards is lighting up Canberra for a good cause.

Nine household items dirtier than a toilet seat

Only 50 bacteria live on the typical toilet seat.

LIVIA GAMBLE Cleaning up its bad reputation, here are nine household items that are dirtier than your toilet - and how to clean them.

Six commandments of eating healthily as a family

How do we get our kids to eat their vegetables and grow up healthily?

JODIE BENVENISTE How are children’s eating habits developed? How much control do we really have other them?


Woman swallowed by sinkhole while hanging out washing

The Spingvale sinkhole which is on the site of an old well.

MARISSA CALLIGEROS A mum of six who fell into a sinkhole in a Melbourne backyard remains in hospital.


Teaching our son to say no to violence against women

Siobhan and her two boys.

Siobhan Kent Today, on White Ribbon Day - and every other day - we're teaching our son to say no to violence against women.


Bad news: we're running out of chocolate

Dry conditions and a fungal disease have contributed to a chocolate drought.

Roberto A. Ferdman The world's biggest chocolate-maker says we're running out of chocolate.

Model's family photo deemed 'inappropriate' by Facebook

rhys uhlich

LETITIA ROWLANDS Australian model Rhys Uhlich has hit out at Facebook after a photo of his young family in the bath was deemed inappropriate.

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Cigarettes, junk food dominate supermarket sales growth

Spike: Shoppers spent $8.5 billion on cigarettes and rolling tobacco with major supermarkets in the 12 months to June.

Mark Hawthorne One in every five dollars spent at supermarkets goes on cigarettes or junk food, according to industry data.

Tips for a stress-free Christmas


Richard Meadows Here are some tips for a stress-free holiday that embraces the true spirit of Christmas, with none of the greed, one-upmanship or outdated traditions.


More than 100,000 cars recalled globally after death of pregnant woman

More than 100,000 Australian cars have been affected by a recall over deadly airbags.

DAVID MCCOWEN The announcement of a mass recall comes as Malaysian police investigate the death of pregnant woman in July.


10 great meals to make for new parents

Pork and fennel pasta bake.

DANIELLE COLLEY Ideally, you want to give food that isn’t expensive to make, isn't too difficult to create, and freezes well; stews, bakes, soups and pasta sauces are perfect.

Laundry detergent pods 'a serious risk to young children'

Laundry detergent pods are being mistaken for toys or lollies.

Fred Barbash A study has shown that 17,000 US children swallowed brightly coloured pods, with many hospitalisations and one death.

15 gadgets to make cooking more fun


Jillian Kumagai Here are 15 gadgets that will help make cooking more fun and not just some mindless chore.

Kids don't fly: window and balcony warnings for summer

Window and balcony safety can help save a child's life.

Melanie Mahoney Families are being urged to do regular window and balcony safety checks following two events which saw children admitted to NSW hospitals after falling from windows.

Why Whirlpool's smart washing machine was a dumb idea

Whirlpoo's smart washing machine connects via Wi-Fi, can be stopped or started remotely, and pings your phone when its detergent is low.

Drew Harwell If you're wondering who would want to buy an internet-enabled washing machine, you're not alone.

What I took when my house caught on fire


Claire John If you had to leave your home in a hurry, what would you take? This mum thought she knew – until faced with the reality of a house fire.

Who would look after your children in an emergency?


Catherine Rodie The thing about emergency situations is that you can’t predict the circumstances. But it helps to have a plan in place.


Baby's life put at risk by ambulance safety seat debacle

Worrisome wait: Kate Anderson and her daughter Isabelle.

JAMES ROBERTSON Kate Anderson had been waiting for nearly five hours. Two-month-old Isabelle was sick and getting worse.

Partner doesn't want sex? Try doing the vacuuming

kathy lette dinkus

Kathy Lette Men still do far less housework than women, with the old multi-tasking myth offered as an excuse.


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RPA hospital contacting mums after discovering vaccine storage fault

Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) is trying to contact women who had babies at the facility after discovering a fault in a refrigerator containing vaccines.

'Nutella' not a baby name, French court says

A French court has blocked parents from naming their baby girl after the hazelnut spread Nutella, arguing it would make her the target of mockery.

Why I'm never calling myself 'just a mum' again

I’ve grown three human beings. I feed them, dress them, teach them, care for them and love them 24 hours a day. Yet for eight years, when I meet new people and they’ve asked me what I do, I tell them: “I’m just a mum”.

Rosie Batty named 2015 Australian of the Year

One year ago, Rosie Batty could not have imagined she'd be where she is. Tonight the grieving mum who put domestic violence on the national agenda was named Australian of the Year.

Five reasons to hug more

Hugging – some of us thrive on it, even depend on it – and then there are those who don't care for it really. So, are they missing out?

Help - my three-year-old has started throwing tantrums

My daughter never went through the "terrible twos" but began throwing wild tantrums shortly after her third birthday.

That's commitment

First peek at Sonia Kruger's daughter Maggie

"She smells so good, I could eat her," Kruger tells co-host David Campbell.

Mum assists in own caesarean surgery

A mum who partly delivered her own twins during a caesarean has encouraged other women to take control of their birthing experience.

How to handle common childhood regressions

Regression can be a natural and common part of development prompted by a variety of factors, but that doesn't make it less frustrating.

Disgruntled dad's pram ad goes viral

When buying a second hand pram, there are lots of things to take into consideration. 

Man discovers he's a dad after finding 55-year-old letter

Discovering you are about to father a baby is startling enough - never mind finding out you have a 61-year-old son.

15 thoughts mums have during a tantrum

Ranging from mild to feral and triggered by events both minor and major, tantrums certainly keep life interesting.

Natural pain relief in the early stages of labour

While managing labour pains on your own can be daunting, there are a number of natural pain relief options to help you cope until you are admitted to hospital.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome claims the life of toddler

One baby dies every eight days in the back of a car in the US, victims of 'forgotten baby syndrome'.

For a brief time, I was touched by an angel

For a brief time, I was touched by an angel. You stole my heart, and changed me into the women I am today.

Chrissie Swan has reached her "sex quota"

Chrissie Swan says she and her partner have sex once a year due to her fear of falling pregnant.

Chinese woman gives birth to quintuplets

After six years of trying for a baby, a couple’s dreams have come true many times over after the mum gave birth to quintuplets this week.

Five-year-old shoots nine-month-old brother dead

A nine-month-old baby boy died on Monday after he was shot in the head by his five-year-old brother in their grandfather's home.

'Is that baby yours?'

She is my daughter. I gave birth to her. I nurse her. But she doesn't have any of my genes.

Episiotomy in childbirth: not just 'a little snip'

Episiotomies have a place in maternity care – and can occasionally save lives – but should not be performed routinely.

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Stars help save choking babies

It's an important lesson to learn, but one that busy new mums and dads might overlook until it's too late.

New Girl star Zooey Deschanel pregnant

Actress Zooey Deschanel is expecting her first child with her producer boyfriend Jacob Pechenik.

16 times 'dad reflexes' saved the day

Of course, in some cases they may be the ones who actually got their child into a precarious position in the first place, but we'll ignore that for now.

Couple's 'non-traditional' pregnancy announcement goes viral

Knowing you are not the father of your pregnant wife's baby would usually indicate a rocky relationship ahead for traditional parents.

The trials and tribulations of identical triplet newborns

Pip Donnelly is still playing spot the difference with her newborn identical triplets, Isabelle, Georgina and Frankie.

Win an Octonauts prize pack

To celebrate the launch of Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield, a spectacular underwater adventure live on stage, we are giving away an amazing Octonauts prize pack to one lucky fan.

Earthquake baby thriving five years on

Jenny Alexis is lucky to be alive after spending four days buried in the rubble of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, but now she's a thriving five year old.

Please don't say I'm lucky because I was adopted

On the one hand I was having a regular life with friends and sports and sleepovers and school. But I was also always wondering: Did my mother love me? What was wrong with me?

An open letter to non-parents who offer advice on child-rearing

Kitty, when you’re the parent of my child you’re welcome to wade in with an opinion – but until then, I’d prefer you to have a supportive ear and a glass of wine ready.

Couple arrested over baby gun video

A US couple faces charges after investigators say they found mobile phone videos showing the woman's 12-month-old daughter putting a handgun in her mouth.

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