'Forgotten baby syndrome' can happen to any one of us

car seat

Julia Watson When my third child was two months old, I strapped her into her car seat, then promptly forgot all about her. But she survived, unharmed, because it was winter, and I was lucky.


Before and after: 9 laundry renovations


Erin Boyle While you don't want to spend too much time in the laundry, perhaps these before and after pictures of well done renovations will inspire you to add a little more panache to yours.


The rule every parent should break

mum toddler

Beth Woolsey In my early parenting years, it didn't occur to me that my unrealistic Consistency Ideal was more of a problem than my failure to be consistent. But I eventually saw the light - the blessed, inconsistent light.

A grandparent by any other name


JO HARTLEY A growing number of grandparents are shunning tradition and going against conventional names - but a grandparent by any other name still gives the same awesome cuddles and kisses.

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Why the RBA says you're probably better off renting

house sale

Jonathan Shapiro Home ownership has long been the dream of most Australian families, but the Reserve Bank has some advice that may surprise couples trying to get on the property ladder.

To the parents who take their kids everywhere

cheeky kid

KERRI SACKVILLE I adore my kids and I adore most other people’s kids, too. But on a child-free night I want child-free time, and I resent missing out because of inconsiderate parents.

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Rescue dog and baby make an adorable pair

carter toby

Dennis Green Little Carter has what everyone wishes they had as a kid: a real-life teddy bear in the form of an extremely affectionate and loving pup.

The moment I knew our family was complete

Amity Dry with her two children.

AMITY DRY It’s funny how in a few short years you can change from desperately hoping you conceive to desperately hoping you don’t.


Which chocolate bar are you?


Matt Shea Today is International Chocolate Day. Yes, really.

Babysitting club helps parents take time out


LETITIA ROWLANDS The cost of a babysitter can often be enough to stop parents from enjoying a night out, but one group of mums have been helping each other take a break.

The Facebook competitions that fool thousands

Jetstar fake Facebook page

CRAIG PLATT Thousands of Facebook users have fallen for a competition promoted by a fake Jetstar page in part of a rising trend of 'like farming' scams.

Wood fire heaters a winter pollution woe


HEATH GILMORE The air pollution from wood fire heaters in winter now poses a bigger immediate health danger to Sydneysiders than cars or cigarettes, health experts say.

Pregnant teen overwhelmed by public support

georgia hagerman

Melanie Mahoney A pregnant 15-year-old says she has been overwhelmed by positive feedback after a media outlet published her letter about life as a teenage mum-to-be.

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The pizza bed taking the internet by storm

pizza bed

Colin Gorenstein A mock-up bed adorned with a pepperoni duvet, sauce sheets and crust pillows has Internet users drooling.

The photos getting mums banned from social media

A photo by Joyce Schafer of her kids playing in the bath was removed by facebook for nudity. Photo: Joyce Schafer

Tim Barlass It was an innocent photo of her two kids sharing a bubble bath - well, that's what Joyce Schafer thought, anyway.

Warnings over USB phone chargers after mother's death


Emma Partridge, Saffron Howden Authorities are warning against the use of off-brand USB phone chargers after a mother of two was electrocuted in her NSW home.

How to spot a fake phone charger


MICHAEL KOZIOL Why your phone charger could be a killer - and how to spot a faulty or potentially dangerous appliance.

The 'sick baby' rumours about Ronaldo's hair aren't true

cristiano ronaldo

Melanie Mahoney Cristiano Ronaldo’s zigzag haircut has started conversations around the world - and has also given birth to a story that's just not true.


Mum and son create adorable 'While you were at preschool' series


It started as fun project to make her daughter laugh, but Heather Spohr's ‘While you were at preschool’ series has become a wonderful keepsake for the whole family.

The TV ads that drive us mad and let us down

tv remote woman

JO HARTLEY Only one in five women say they can relate to the mums in TV ads, so why are we still being shown the same worn stereotypes?


Family who turned their grief into the gift of life


Antonia Hoyle Her parents were distraught when three-year-old Georgia suffered a fatal brain aneurysm. But in the midst of their profound shock and grief, they decided to donate her organs to help save other children.


The eZee Expedir cargo bike review: one year later

ezee expedir review

Marion Turner After my initial trial to review the ezee Expedir cargo bike I didn’t want to give it back, so we decided to buy it. We haven't regretted it for a second.

Recall: All Jamie's Garden plush toys from Woolworths

Jamie Oliver toys

Esther Han and Beau Donelly Woolworths has recalled every plush toy sold in its Jamie's Garden range, saying poorly attached hands and feet could result in a child being choked.

Support Red Nose Day in 2014

sids kids

It’s Red Nose Day on June 27, so there’s still time to grab your goodies for a great cause.

10 debunked DIY Pinterest tips


Andrea Romano We love browsing pin boards for life hacks, DIY crafts and recipes. But it's time to debunk some of these too-good-to-be-true hacks.

I opened my mouth and my mother came out

hand over mouth

JO HARTLEY In between competing thoughts of “Oh no, it’s happened” and “Did I really just say that?” I realise that sometimes, when I open my mouth, my mum really does comes out.


Hair salon charges extra for 'screaming children'

hair cut

LETITIA ROWLANDS A sign in a hair salon telling parents they would be charged $4 extra for screaming children has sparked debate, with some applauding the salon's stance and others angered by it.

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No, Ryan Gosling is not a dad

A fake Facebook account for actor Ryan Gosling has caused a stir with a prank post on Father's Day.

RACHEL CLUN Is Ryan Gosling really a dad? Well, no. But that didn't stop a million social media users being fooled by a prank on Father's Day.

Children 12 times more distracting to drivers than using a mobile phone

Child in car seat

JEN VUK A new study has found that the average parent takes their eyes off the road for an incredible three minutes and 22 seconds during a 16-minute trip.


Grandparent carers 'falling through the gaps'

grandparent child

JUDITH IRELAND Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren need greater help to access to government payments and support services, says the Human Rights Commission.

Jamie Oliver under fire from Aussie farmers over Woolies fees

Jamie Oliver is aware of the campaign by Australian farmers.

ESTHER HAN He's known for making a stand for the standards and ethics of where our food comes from, but Jamie Oliver is under fire for his association with a campaign that's hurting Aussie farmers.

10 stylish bunk beds for kids

Marc Newson's Bunky Bunk Bed

Babyology with staff writers Bunk beds are a childhood favourite and a great space-saver. Here are some of the most amazing and beautiful bunk beds you’re likely to see.


Jessica Cruel

12 unexpected uses for olive oil


Cut costs on expensive hair serums and moisturisers - the humble oil in your kitchen cupboard will do a better job nine times out of ten.

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The day my mum staged an intervention over the state of my house

Housework... women love it.

KERRI SACKVILLE I try very hard to keep my house neat. I do. Most of the time. Until the sheer magnitude of the exercise overwhelms me and I give up and take a little nap.

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Video: What really happens inside a dishwasher


Melanie Mahoney Ever wondered what happens inside a dishwasher once you shut the door and press ‘start’? A GoPro video reveals all.

Why all parents need to learn baby first aid

first aid

KERRI SACKVILLE First aid can save a life – it may even save your child’s life. At the very least, it will give you the confidence not to run into the street screaming if something goes wrong.

Is this nappy ad campaign 'too sexy'?


KERRI SACKVILLE Some parents are calling this new nappy ad campaign pornographic - but they're missing the point, says Kerri Sackville.

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Should restaurants give discounts for well behaved kids?


JO HARTLEY A family's surprise discount at a lunch out has sparked online debate about the behaviour of children in restaurants.

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Is this the end of the stay-at-home mum?


SARAH MACDONALD Is this the end of the stay home mother? And if it is, should we mourn or celebrate her dwindling tribe?

'My Family' car stickers: dangerous, silly, or just a bit of fun?

Do these stickers say more about your family than you think?

XAVIER TOBY Apparently, 'My Family' car stickers are putting families at risk of attack - but there are a few things wrong with that theory.

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Confessions of a car boot sale beginner


KYLIE ORR After much grumbling from my husband about all the apparent "rubbish" I was accumulating, I signed up for a spot at the local school’s car boot sale.

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How to choose the best nanny for your family


Josefa Pete Choosing someone to help you raise your children, to work so closely with your family, can be an overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help you choose a nanny.

Vintage-style Caravan Cubbies for kids of all ages

caravan cubby

Babyology Just when you thought these incredible Caravan Cubbies couldn’t get any more magnificent, they release more vintage shapes. And yes, they are amazing.

'There are good people out there': Stranger's kindness helps grieving mum


LETITIA ROWLANDS A cot can be a painful reminder for parents grieving for a baby, but thanks to a stranger, one mum now has a beautiful memorial for her son.

Outrage over anti-vaccination booth at health expo


Kathy Sundstrom Organisers of a health expo have received hate mail after agreeing to allow an anti-vaccination group to exhibit at the event.


A room with a loo: space-starved parents use bathrooms as nurseries

shock baby

LETITIA ROWLANDS New York City parents are turning bathrooms and wardrobes into baby bedrooms as they struggle to fit children into tiny apartments.

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Anonymous benefactor donates car to mum paralysed by pregnancy

Jessie Bruton, whose legs were paralysed after the birth of her third son, Klay. Pictured with Klay and his brother Levi.

Lisa Wachsmuth A mum was shocked to discover that an anonymous stranger had gifted her a brand new car after she had been left paralysed by pregnancy.

Chaos, mess and lots of love: life with two sets of twins


The living room is cordoned off as a 'baby jail' and there's a nappy bin in every room: with two sets of twins under four, these parents are resigned to life of mess, chaos and lots of love.

Man to sue after being given mistake vasectomy

doctor mistake

A man in the UK is set to sue the Royal Liverpool Hospital after doctors gave him a vasectomy "by mistake".

Why I don't celebrate Mother's Day: a mum's letter to her son

mum son

Rashida Tayabali As another Mother’s Day looms, I want to tell you why I don’t celebrate this day. I often get strange looks from people when I tell them this, but I just don't think it's enough.

The rising demand for au pairs Surviving shift work as a family Feeding the family with Curtis Stone City, bush or 'burbs: which suits your family best? Warning on winter wheat bags Renting with a baby It's time to pay our foster carers properly Review: The eZee Expedir, an electric family bike My mother, my self In defence of mummy cards The power of mums When Mother's Day makes you sad Gas safety campaign honours young brothers Review: Dyson Hot+Cool AM05 The retro housewife Drowning warnings on eve of new pool laws Australia: 23 million and counting How clean is your kitchen? The FIFO families that flourish The curious pleasure of cleaning


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Toddler pleads for return of "stolen" nose

A two-year-old's reaction to a game of "got your nose" shows it doesn't take much to make a toddler cry.

The 15 photos new parents share (and five they don't)

From the first scan photo to the baby covered in cake at their first birthday party, there are 15 photos most parents seem to share - and some they don't.

Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns

His job is to deliver babies, but this US obstetrician also has a unique way of celebrating the miracle of life.

Breastfeeding friendly café goes viral

A photo of a breastfeeding-friendly sign in a cafe has been posted to Facebook and shared by hundreds of mums around the world.

First look at the Bugaboo Bee3

The newest Bugaboo Bee – the Bee3 – offers a variety of improved features, including a much asked-for bassinet and a rainbow of colour combinations.

Childcare costs, not paid leave, the real issue for parents

Given the choice between maintaining their wage for six months to have a child, or having a reduced rate of pay for a time but a better deal on childcare when returning to work, there are no odds on what most working parents would choose.

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We lost three babies in two years

Our first pregnancy ended the way we all expected it to - with a healthy, happy baby in our arms. What a true blessing he was, for we were not to know the heartache we were about endure.

Family turned back from doomed flight MH17

'There must have been someone watching over us and saying, 'You must not get on that flight,' says mother who narrowly avoided boarding the Malaysian Airlines flight which exploded in mid-air over the Ukraine last night.

The myths and facts about "normal" breastfeeding

When it comes to successful breastfeeding, there is a wide variety to what is "normal", according to new research.

Adorable Skeanie loafers for kids

Your little toddler or preschooler can now get their nautical on with a new range of classic loafers by Australian show brand Skeanie.

My baby is hypermobile

For months, I have been telling myself not to worry that Jasmin isn't crawling or walking. This week I heard the term hypermobile for the first time.

When you don’t bond with your baby

They say that there is no bond greater than the bond between a mother and her child. But for some women, the mother-baby bond takes more time and effort to develop.

Yumi Stynes: Having a baby after a 10-year break

After a long break, Yumi Stynes gets a reminder of the pain - and the pleasure - of giving birth.

Grieving father asks for help to Photoshop his daughter's image

When Nathan Steffel's daughter Sophia died from a liver condition at just 6 weeks old, he reached out for someone to create a beautiful image of his little girl.

Raising kids in a 'low media' home

Can you imagine a life without TV or computers? Some parents are opting for a low-tech, screen-free life for their kids.

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Win a Mountain Buggy nano

We’re giving away the new Mountain Buggy Nano - the lightweight travel buggy! So show us the little things that make you smile for your chance to win.

Be careful what you say, your baby is listening

The importance of speaking to your baby even if they are not old enough to answer back has been highlighted by new research.

The beautiful moment a baby was born at the side of a road

It's not where she expected to give birth, but mum Corrine Cinatl is delighted that her daughter's roadside arrival was captured in a series of beautiful photos.

Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns

His job is to deliver babies, but this US obstetrician also has a unique way of celebrating the miracle of life.

The Nappy Collective starts new drive

It's that time of year when the dedicated volunteers at The Nappy Collective do their bit to help out mums and children in need - and they need your help.

Baby shower cake wrecks

From misshapen cake babies to questionable text, from odd colour choices to internal organ recreation, these are the baby shower cakes that taste forgot.

Photographer captures the beauty of adoption

The love of a family is usually tough to capture on camera. This is an exception.

Pregnancy progression photo ideas

Want to record your pregnancy as your belly grows? Here are some creative, fun ideas for photo shoots along the way.

The myths and facts about "normal" breastfeeding

When it comes to successful breastfeeding, there is a wide variety to what is "normal", according to new research.

Tin can craft and DIY ideas

Got a few old formula, Milo or coffee cans around the house? Use these fantastic upcycling ideas to create items for around the house and yard.

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We look at your wellbeing, covering health, relationships, beauty and fashion, mind and body.