How to grow your own groceries

Save money and teach the kids a lesson or two.

Lynda Hallinan Follow these 31 tips to save money and enjoy time in the garden in the kitchen.

Toddler fights for his life after almost drowning at family day care

The Carramar home where a toddler was found floating in the pool.

Fran Rimrod A toddler is fighting for his life after he was found floating in a swimming pool at a Perth family daycare on Monday.

New recycling labels to take guesswork out of rubbish night

Two out of three Australians believe the humble Pringle tin is recyclable. It's not.

Lucy Cormack, Environment reporter When you take out your recycling, are you really sure every product in there is meant to be there?

Should men put the toilet seat down when they're done?

Up or down? An age-old issue.

SARAH BERRY I'm not down with the toilet seat debate.

Men, try staying at home for a while

NASSIM KHADEM Women – men, brace yourselves – shouldn't always have to be the ones who stay at home.

How a family of seven shares one bed

The family bed.

LETITIA ROWLANDS If there were such as thing as extreme co-sleeping, it would look like this.


Young kids prefer poisons over toys

Dangerous choice: 82% of the kids went for the bleach.

Staff writers A social experiment carried out in the Netherlands has discovered children appear to be more attracted to bottles of dangerous chemicals than toys.

Toddler saved after being pulled from pool

Stock photo.

AAP An unconscious toddler has been rescued from a pool, prompting a warning to parents to remain "super vigilant" when their kids are around water.

Further recall of children's pain relief

Recalled: Apohealth paracetamol and iboprofen for children.

Staff writers The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) has announced the recall of three more types of children's paracetamol.

Two children fall from second storey window

Two children have fallen out of a window in Eastwood.

Kate Aubusson Two young boys have been rushed to hospital after falling out a second-storey window of a home in Eastwood.

The joy and isolation of being a stay-at-home dad in a foreign land

Matt Colville and his son Jude in Germany.

Matt Colville It's cool, kind of like a second childhood. I love him to bits and think, on average, I'm an okay dad. But I also want to talk about the other stuff.

How to move house without losing your mind

It's important not to let the situation control you, and work out how you can minimise the stress.

RACHEL CLUN Some people move frequently, while others like to stay put. But everyone finds it stressful.

How a group of mums are fighting back against cancer - and how you too can make a difference

Channel Nine personality Georgie Gardner was emcee for the fundraiser.

DONNA WEBECK Witnessing her beloved dad lose his brave battle to oesophageal cancer was devastating for Michelle Heaton-Armstrong - just as it was for her children, who adored their Poppy.

Parents still failing to buckle up kids


Melissa Grant The lives of hundreds of children are being put at risk every year because their parents aren't restraining them properly in cars.

Couple poses for newborn shoot with adorable puppy

elisha minnette

Staff writers Tired of being asked about their baby-making plans, Australian couple Matt and Abby decided to give a creative answer.

Why you should think twice before putting your mobile phone number on Facebook


Peter Munro Facebook has been urged to strengthen its privacy controls after revelations a simple vulnerability could expose the personal data of users, including their mobile numbers.

Why I hired a 'hot nanny'


AMBER ROBINSON I thought that if a man could cheat on Sienna Miller with the nanny, what chance did I have? But now I've changed my mind.

Nutella doughnut milkshake, anyone?

Foodcraft Espresso's

CALLAN BOYS For such a simple equation it's a wonder we haven't seen it at more cafes more often.

More children's pain medicines recalled


Craig Butt, Health Reporter More generic pain relievers for young children have been recalled because the plastic bottle lids can splinter when opened

Family sleepovers: a tribute to my 1970s childhood


KYLIE ORR My memories of those nights in my childhood are all about fun: sleepover excitement, staying up late, watching movies we probably weren't supposed to watch ... freedom.

Portable pools 'more dangerous than permanent ones'

Three-year-old Hugh Ryder enjoys the warm weather in Grafton on Saturday with Eden Hiatt, aged two.

JULIE POWER Inflatable and portable children's pools may be required to be sold with compulsory fencing to prevent backyard drownings, with some experts even floating the idea of a ban.

The fire hazard in more than 70,000 Australian homes

Six models of the Samsung top loader washing machine are affected by a recall.

ANNA PATTY So far, 206 Samsung washing machines have caught fire and some have exploded. But many remain in people's homes.

The day my son started a fire


Josefa Pete Would you know what to do in a fire emergency? How safe is your home and family?

If women working outside the home creates tension, let's look for a solution

working mum

MEGAN BLANDFORD What's the answer to these frustrations between couples? Do women need to stay home to reduce conflict? Or do men need to get over themselves?

Children's painkillers urgently recalled

Pharmacy Choice ibuprofen and Chemmart paracetamol products for children have been recalled.

ALLISON WORRALL Chemmart and Pharmacy Choice pain relievers for children have been urgently recalled due to the risk of the bottle splintering when opened.

Gold-plating and baby in the front seat: the future of luxury child car travel

The Volvo Excellence Child Safety Seat Concept.

Letitia Rowlands and Stuff NZ Gold-plating and swivelling luxury leather front seats - is this the future of baby and toddler car travel? It could be, if two concepts unveiled by high-end car manufacturers are anything to go by.

When 'good' nannies go bad

Female Portrait

Tanith Carey While most nannies take pride in their work, there can be some who have a hidden side.

Why some dogs might attack babies or young kids

Dogs and children can be the best of friends, but they should be supervised when together, experts say.

INGA TING A baby's smell, the noises it makes and even its gaze can contribute to the potential for a dog attack.

Which sex is better at driving?

A new study has found men have less accidents than women.

STEPHEN OTTLEY The result of a new study in accidents may surprise you.


Can you spot the drowning child?

A crowded pool can be a dangerous place.

Staff writers Can you spot him in the video? The child who loses his rubber ring, panics, and then almost drowns? It isn't easy.

The dangers - and benefits - of Dr Google


JO HARTLEY Googling as a parent can be a dangerous thing, because it can potentially send us into a tail spin. But that doesn't mean we don't do it.

Grieving mum shares warning after common spice kills preschooler

Matthew Rader: 'It was like he was having a seizure and just collapsed.'

LETITIA ROWLANDS It's a common spice found in the pantries of homes around the world, but a grieving mother is warning of the dangers of cinnamon following the death of her four-year-old son.

Damp house played a part in toddler's death, coroner says

'What can I do now. It's too late': Emma-Lita Bourne died last year.

Laura Walters, Josh Fagan and Vernon Small Mould on the walls and floors, and a cold draught, played a part in a two-year-old's death, a coroner has found.

Giving mum (or the primary carer) a break


Seamus Curtain-Magee For me, parenting is a team sport, and I was going to be down a team-mate. Here's what I learnt.

10 fruits and vegetables you're probably storing wrong

Bananas for potassium: Whether it plays a direct role in better health, or encourages a focus on healthy foods, the survey indicated potassium is a positive.

Candy Sagon To keep your produce fresher longer, remember these tips.

Large misconceptions about large families


Kylie Orr Statistics confirm that these days our family is practically a walking freak show.

Comments 1

The day my daughter almost drowned

feet on edge of pool

Amy Joyce We had six adults standing there, so I felt like I could relax a bit. After all, what could go wrong with so much supervision?

Is your family's car part of the world's biggest safety recall?

Takata is responsible for the world's biggest automotive recall.

STEPHEN OTTLEY More than 50 million vehicles recalled for potentially lethal airbag fault - is your car affected?


The mums who ask for a 'wife bonus'


Celia Walden They run their homes like domestic CEOs and work tirelessly to improve their family's social standing. And now, according to a new book, they want an annual perk from their husbands.

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Kinetic sand warning after dog's brush with death


Staff writers A dog owner is warning of the dangers of the toy kinetic sand after her dog almost died eating it.

Cadbury announces Vegemite-flavoured chocolate - yes, really

A screenshot from the video Cadbury used to launch its new Vegemite chocolate on social media on Thursday.

Georgina Mitchell Vegemite and chocolate sounds like an unlikely combination, but blocks of it will be hitting the shops next month.

My laundry list of complaints


Evelyn Lewin The thought of washing actually once made me smile. Washing no longer makes me smile. It makes me tired instead.


16 things Sydney parents can relate to

harbour bridge

CATHERINE RODIE Every city comes with its own set of unique quirks, and there are some things that only Sydney parents will understand.


Stranger pays it forward for struggling mum of two

Lashae with her daughter Mia and son Leo.

Sarah Harris A mystery man has literally paid it forward for a struggling mum at a supermarket.

Cheese toastie lovers have more sex, says survey

Start your engines: A grilled sandwich cheese with tuna and Swiss.

MICHAEL KOZIOL If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, give him grilled cheese.

Dad thinks stay-at-home mum is worth $96,762 a year - at least

steven glory nelms

Staff writers Some misguided husbands wonder just what stay-at-home mums do all day. Not Steven Nelms.

Comments 10

When to call an ambulance for your child


Michelle Fiddian I’m often asked: ‘How do I know when I should call an ambulance? Wouldn’t it be faster if I just drove there myself?’ But there are a few variables that can influence your decision.

Easter bonanza 2015: $17,000 in prizes to be won


We're giving away more than $4,500 worth of prizes to go - enter today!

Grieving families give warnings after toddler deaths

Caiden made his way to a nearby dam last week.

Staff writers Two Queensland families are grieving the loss of their toddler sons after the boys drowned in separate incidents last week.

How to stay calm in an emergency

When something goes wrong, try to reduce panic and talk your way through it.

Michelle Fiddian I’m not expecting you to be as calm as you might be right now. What I mean is that if your panic levels are through the roof during a stressful situation, let’s bring them down to just under the ceiling.

What I took when my house caught on fire Who would look after your children in an emergency? Baby's life put at risk by ambulance safety seat debacle Partner doesn't want sex? Try doing the vacuuming Doctors who accept drug payments to be named on public register Should I speak out about our affair and derail his career? Woolworths pulls offensive singlets from shelves The child protection checks keeping kids from grandfathers, foster dads Missoni for Target hits Australian stores 8 laundry mistakes most people make Great birthday party buys from Etsy How your surname can influence your personality Annabel Crabb's recipe for a family that works The truth behind the bread wars 10 space-saving nursery ideas Are we 'oversharenting' our children? 13 ways to reuse your baby's old crib, high chair, toys and more Search for William Tyrell expanded 'Can I take the normal one?': new allegations in baby Gammy saga Tips for managing pollen allergies and hayfever


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How a raisin can predict a toddler's IQ

All you need to assess a child's future intelligence is a plastic cup and a raisin, according to new research.

Kate Walsh: 'I can't have kids'

Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh has revealed she is unable to have children because she has experienced early menopause.

The parasite that could boost fertility

The Tsimane women of Bolivia are often revered as among the most fertile in the world - on average having 10 children in their lifetimes -- but some are even more fertile than others.

Family may sue cousin over genetics

A Melbourne couple is suing the Royal Children's Hospital for failing to diagnose a genetic disorder in their first child - an error they allege caused them to have another child with severe disabilities.

Strange things mums have done in labour

While most women in labour focus on the upcoming birth of their baby, some women do more interesting things.

Michael Clarke reveals baby's name

When Michael Clarke said he was wrapped around the finger of his little princess, he wasn't joking.

The logistics of breastfeeding twins

Our life is more or less divided into neat four hour parcels of time and it's hard to get much of anything done in the time between feeds.

How to stop people ruining Christmas

We can make a conscious effort about how we react to those curly Christmas day scenarios that can send us up the wall, or should we say chimney.

Lots of formula offers for desperate mum

The mum who was down to her last three tins of baby formula said she had received hundreds of calls and offers to send her formula.

Surviving breast cancer while pregnant

It was last thing Rebecca O'Donnell expected at 30 weeks' pregnant. One morning, while putting on her bra, she felt a pea-sized lump in her right breast.

Cot sheet brands for the nursery

With so many awesome cot sheet options these days, we thought we'd put together a list of go-to brands for you to seek out for your baby's bed.

The Bugaboo by Diesel Denim launch

Essential Baby attended the launch and it got messy!

Father's letter to Bataclan terrorists

A grieving father whose wife was killed in the attacks on the Bataclan Theatre last weekend has written an open letter to her killers.

Adele's new song to sing along to

Singer follows up success of Hello with new belting ballad When We Were Young.

Major retailers restrict formula sales

Coles and Woolworths have imposed tighter buying bans on baby formula amid a shortage blamed on Chinese consumers.

Three-year-old breaks family's news

If you are three-years-old and an only child, then news doesn't get much bigger than this.

Swapped babies stay with families

A boy and girl accidentally swapped on the day they were born will stay with the families who have raised them, a South African court has ruled.

How life is different with three kids

I knew having a third child would alter our lives, but it's had so many impacts - both tiny and enormous.

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Win one of two ABC Shop prize packs in time for Christmas

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Beautiful 'now and then' images of premature babies

They are stunning photos that the parents of these beautiful no doubt feared they may never see.

Physios warn pregnant women not to crunch like Michelle Bridges

Experts are urging pregnant women not to do exactly as Michelle Bridges does when exercising, or they risk developing rectus abdominus diastasis.

Penny-pinching supermarket shoppers switching in droves

Half of Australia thinks it can get cheaper groceries by switching supermarkets, and about one in four of us have already switched.

Baby breastfed by wrong mother after hospital mix up

A newborn baby has been breastfed by a stranger after a NSW hospital bungled the identities of two newborns, devastating one mother and potentially exposing the newborn to health risks.

Nurses invent skin to skin c-section drape

The determination of three US nurses to provide immediate skin to skin contact to mothers delivering their babies by caesarean section has led to the invention of a unique surgical drape.

Baby's first photo shoot features a special guest

You can always be sure of a few things not entirely going to plan during a newborn shoot – little accidents are almost par for the course – but this shoot was memorable for a whole other reason.

We are not the family you think we are, I promise

Kids have a way of presenting a completely inaccurate impression of you, as parents, and as a family.

The hidden harm of foetal alcohol syndrome disorder

Experts believe many children diagnosed with ADHD might actually have FASD and that the number of people suffering from the condition across the country could be as high as 500,000.

Anaesthetist facing charges after ignoring woman's pain during caesarean

An anaesthetist could be punished after telling a woman enduring an "excruciating" painful C-section that she was not actually in pain.


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