Ouch: study supports 'male idiot theory'

Dutch courage? Men are more prone to risk-taking behaviour.

CATHERINE RODIE A new study has used data to claim that men are idiots.


Pineapple puts dog on high alert

stella pineapple

Pineapples are certainly unusual looking – but to this dog, they're particularly alarming.

The 'Secret Santas' paying toy bills for strangers


Rob Crilly Wealthy 'secret Santas' are popping up across the country and paying off toyshop bills to spread festive cheer and help struggling families.

The danger of portable pools

Children under three years of age are the most at risk of drowning in portable pools.

LETITIA ROWLANDS They may seem like a great way to keep your family cool while having fun in the backyard over summer, but the Royal Life Saving Society Australia is warning parents about the dangers posed by portable swimming pools.

Marriage proposal goes horribly wrong

A crane crashed into the roof of a house when a man's wedding proposal went wrong.

A Dutchman's attempt at a romantic wedding proposal was a smashing success, but not in the way he had hoped.

I accidentally became a stay-at-home mum - and I love it


Hannah Shuckburgh Much to her surprise, Hannah Shuckburgh finds that being a stay-at-home mum is just her cup of tea.


10 easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas


Babyology It's officially time to get into the Christmas spirit. Why not branch out when you put up your tree this year and add a personal touch with a few DIY decorations? We've found the perfect easy-to-make ways to put more festive fever into your home.

Not-so-bright spark disconnects street light for Christmas display

Christmas lights may be fun, but not worth possibly electrocuting yourself over ...

One bright spark has risked electrocution by disconnecting a street light outside his house to add that extra twinkle to his Christmas light display.


Facebook 'copyright notices' won't protect your photos

You already own what you post, Facebook says.

LARISSA NICHOLSON A viral post doing the rounds says it will shore up your copyright if you post it. But does it work?


Dead mouse found in rice paper roll

The mouse with the roll in which it was allegedly found.

A woman claims she ate part of a dead mouse after biting into a rice paper roll she bought at a Woolworths store in Queensland.


How to photograph food like a pro

Robert Charles Fairfax NZ

Every good cook knows the mark of a great meal is how it looks cropped and filtered on your Instagram feed. OK, maybe not. But let's be real, you're going to take photos of this year's holiday spread, so it might as well look stellar.

Top tips for DIY nursery decoration

Decorating your baby's nursery doesn't have to be expensive, but it certainly is fun.

AMITY DRY While finding out the sex of your baby does make nursery decorating a bit easier, there are still plenty of options for those who want a gender-neutral look.

City to sparkle beneath a million Christmas lights for SIDS and Kids

David Richards among the Guinness World record attempt for the largest LED light image display.

EMMA KELLY Well known in his neighbourhood for his amazing Christmas displays, David Richards is lighting up Canberra for a good cause.

Nine household items dirtier than a toilet seat

Only 50 bacteria live on the typical toilet seat.

LIVIA GAMBLE Cleaning up its bad reputation, here are nine household items that are dirtier than your toilet - and how to clean them.

Six commandments of eating healthily as a family

How do we get our kids to eat their vegetables and grow up healthily?

JODIE BENVENISTE How are children’s eating habits developed? How much control do we really have other them?


Woman swallowed by sinkhole while hanging out washing

The Spingvale sinkhole which is on the site of an old well.

MARISSA CALLIGEROS A mum of six who fell into a sinkhole in a Melbourne backyard remains in hospital.


Teaching our son to say no to violence against women

Siobhan and her two boys.

Siobhan Kent Today, on White Ribbon Day - and every other day - we're teaching our son to say no to violence against women.


Bad news: we're running out of chocolate

Dry conditions and a fungal disease have contributed to a chocolate drought.

Roberto A. Ferdman The world's biggest chocolate-maker says we're running out of chocolate.

Model's family photo deemed 'inappropriate' by Facebook

rhys uhlich

LETITIA ROWLANDS Australian model Rhys Uhlich has hit out at Facebook after a photo of his young family in the bath was deemed inappropriate.

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Cigarettes, junk food dominate supermarket sales growth

Spike: Shoppers spent $8.5 billion on cigarettes and rolling tobacco with major supermarkets in the 12 months to June.

Mark Hawthorne One in every five dollars spent at supermarkets goes on cigarettes or junk food, according to industry data.

Tips for a stress-free Christmas


Richard Meadows Here are some tips for a stress-free holiday that embraces the true spirit of Christmas, with none of the greed, one-upmanship or outdated traditions.


More than 100,000 cars recalled globally after death of pregnant woman

More than 100,000 Australian cars have been affected by a recall over deadly airbags.

DAVID MCCOWEN The announcement of a mass recall comes as Malaysian police investigate the death of pregnant woman in July.


10 great meals to make for new parents

Pork and fennel pasta bake.

DANIELLE COLLEY Ideally, you want to give food that isn’t expensive to make, isn't too difficult to create, and freezes well; stews, bakes, soups and pasta sauces are perfect.

Laundry detergent pods 'a serious risk to young children'

Laundry detergent pods are being mistaken for toys or lollies.

Fred Barbash A study has shown that 17,000 US children swallowed brightly coloured pods, with many hospitalisations and one death.

15 gadgets to make cooking more fun


Jillian Kumagai Here are 15 gadgets that will help make cooking more fun and not just some mindless chore.

Kids don't fly: window and balcony warnings for summer

Window and balcony safety can help save a child's life.

Melanie Mahoney Families are being urged to do regular window and balcony safety checks following two events which saw children admitted to NSW hospitals after falling from windows.

Why Whirlpool's smart washing machine was a dumb idea

Whirlpoo's smart washing machine connects via Wi-Fi, can be stopped or started remotely, and pings your phone when its detergent is low.

Drew Harwell If you're wondering who would want to buy an internet-enabled washing machine, you're not alone.

What I took when my house caught on fire


Claire John If you had to leave your home in a hurry, what would you take? This mum thought she knew – until faced with the reality of a house fire.

Who would look after your children in an emergency?


Catherine Rodie The thing about emergency situations is that you can’t predict the circumstances. But it helps to have a plan in place.


Baby's life put at risk by ambulance safety seat debacle

Worrisome wait: Kate Anderson and her daughter Isabelle.

JAMES ROBERTSON Kate Anderson had been waiting for nearly five hours. Two-month-old Isabelle was sick and getting worse.

Partner doesn't want sex? Try doing the vacuuming

kathy lette dinkus

Kathy Lette Men still do far less housework than women, with the old multi-tasking myth offered as an excuse.


Doctors who accept drug payments to be named on public register

The ACCC wants the names of doctors who accept payment from drug companies to speak or attend conferences to be disclosed.

LISA VISENTIN The Australian competition watchdog had demanded that pharmaceutical companies publicly declare the names of doctors who accept conference fees or speaker fees.

Should I speak out about our affair and derail his career?

Getty Images

Emily Yoffe Many years ago I had a brief, passion-filled affair with a co-worker. I could now derail his political career. Should I?


Woolworths pulls offensive singlets from shelves


BEAU DONELLY Supermarket giant Woolworths has pulled its range of "racist" and "offensive" singlets after a social media backlash.

The child protection checks keeping kids from grandfathers, foster dads


Kirsty Needham Foster fathers and grandfathers are being barred from living with children for whom they are the primary carers after undergoing tough new child protection checks.

Missoni for Target hits Australian stores

Target for Missoni home range.

Melissa Jenkins Collection includes a large lifestyle range, featuring items like an umbrella ($99), outdoor serving tray ($30), and deck chair ($99).

8 laundry mistakes most people make

Overload: Don't wash it all at once.

Some of us have dirty laundry to air. Well, in the washing machine at least.

Great birthday party buys from Etsy


Babyology Handmade crafts to decorate and personalise your child's next birthday - from banners to cake decorations, we've got gorgeous party finds from Etsy.

How your surname can influence your personality


Brett Graff New research proves that the ordering of children in school by surname will have very real effects in adulthood.

Annabel Crabb's recipe for a family that works

Annabel Crabb.

SUSAN WYNDHAM It's probably not what Annabel Crabb intended, but the lingering image from her new book is of her spoonfeeding her new baby with jellied breast-milk because she would not drink from a bottle.

The truth behind the bread wars

Breads from Sonoma

Sue Mitchell The Australian bread market is worth around $4 billion a year - and a new price cut means it's war between the major labels and independent bakers.

10 space-saving nursery ideas

There are lots of hidden storage spaces to be found in the nursery.

LIVIA GAMBLE Starting a family doesn't always mean moving into a bigger house - not yet, anyway.

Are we 'oversharenting' our children?


Jennifer Morton Many modern parents are creating a digital footprint for their children before their little ones can even speak, but are they going too far, too soon?


13 ways to reuse your baby's old crib, high chair, toys and more

reuse jars

Brian Koerber Not only can you create new and interesting pieces that tell a story and hold countless memories, but you can help save the planet in the process.

Search for William Tyrell expanded

William Tyrell was last seen wearing his Spider-Man outfit.

RACHEL OLDING The search for three year-old William Tyrell has moved to a more "evidence-based search" in a further sign that the toddler may have been abducted.

'Can I take the normal one?': new allegations in baby Gammy saga

Explosive allegations surface of a frenzied scramble to offload baby Gammy when he was born, including abandoning him.

TAMMY MILLS Further details have emerged over the scramble to find a family for baby Gammy after his birth, including a suggestion to abandon him at a temple.

Tips for managing pollen allergies and hayfever


PETER HANNAM They're simple tips, but they can have a big impact on those who suffer from hayfever and pollen allergies.

Pokies venues can fill childcare gap: lobby group

Pic shows generic poker machine poker machines pokie pokies pic.
Pic by John Woudstra
Melbourne Age

Tom Cowie and Kirsty Needham More than 1000 licensed clubs can fill the childcare shortfall by opening childcare centres on their premises, the poker machine lobby says.


Modern etiquette: Is it okay to ask for money instead of gifts for a christening?


Nicole Thomson-Pride First it was weddings. Then it was engagement parties. Now it seems christenings are following the trend of asking guests for money in lieu of gifts.

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8 things my dad taught me about parenting

Girl and father

KYLIE ORR He taught me to question, to see the world beyond my own bubble and to stand up for those who are unable to defend themselves.


'Kidnapped' before birth: couple's bitter custody dispute over baby Tragic typing error leads to toddler's death What's your parenting style - and is it helping your children? Babies fighting for life in hospital chapel after typhoon China loosens one-child policy amid sweeping changes Asylum seeker separated from her sick newborn Baby hospitalised after swallowing battery Two toddlers killed in home car accidents in three days Angelman syndrome a torment for loving mother When your home is your job White Ribbon campaign reveals dark secrets 'Cruel' insurers add to bushfire trauma Unsafe dummies enter Choice’s Hall of Shame Childcare around the world: who's left holding the baby? Jurors wanted charges laid against JonBenet's parents Which family car should you buy? Has the family of missing Maria been found in Bulgaria? NSW bushfires: how you can help Limiting the health impacts of air pollution in bushfire season Top Etsy Halloween finds


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The myths and truths of gender swaying

Here are a few popular methods hopeful parents-to-be use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender – and what an expert says about whether they really work.

10 easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas

It's officially time to get into the Christmas spirit. Why not branch out when you put up your tree this year and add a personal touch with a few DIY decorations? We've found the perfect easy-to-make ways to put more festive fever into your home.

The dangerous new trend of glucose challenge test refusal

A dangerous trend is seeing more mothers-to-be declining a relatively simple and painless test to check for gestational diabetes.

Office of Fair Trading reveals naughty toys ahead of Christmas

The Office of Fair Trading has pulled seven toys from shelves ahead of Christmas after they fail safety tests.

Video: Baby boy's trouble with twins

These twin girls will no doubt have fun fooling people in years to come, but nobody will be as confused as baby Landon.

Long-term reversible male contraceptive on its way

Men could soon have access to an injectable long-term contraceptive which works in a similar way to a vasectomy but promises to be easily reversed.

'I tried to kill my baby': one mum's story

After bathing and dressing her three-month-old son, Amanda had a rare moment alone with her baby.

Attack of the 'mummy brain'

I feel that almost every day, someone in my life - be they a friend, family member or complete stranger - feels the need to excuse my behaviour as I have other things on my mind.

Mum of baby who fell ill after drinking raw milk speaks out

A Melbourne mother has described how her son turned grey when he became seriously ill after drinking raw milk.

Australian divorce rate lowest since 1976

Modern newlyweds are now well into their 30s and marriage still offers something powerful a new book argues.

The aftermath of a traumatic birth experience

In Australia, 30 per cent of women find their birth experience traumatic, with 6 per cent going on to develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Young mum burns 'from inside-out'

A young mum is in intensive care after she took a friend's antibiotic and wound up with an ailment that is burning her body 'from the inside-out'.

The disagreement that can break a relationship

If he doesn't change his mind, all I can hope is that I will. It would be a waste to spend the rest of my marriage mourning a baby that never was.

Co-sleeping or no-sleeping? Mum videos worst nap ever

One mother's futile attempt to sleep in caught on camera in a hilarious - and very cute - video.

Why children misbehave during the festive season

While we all like to imagine the holiday season as being a fun, loving and bonding experience; often our reality is quiet different.

I was fat-shamed by my doctor

The fear of being weighed is the most significant factor in women cancelling medical appointments - and now weight-shaming has happened to me.

End of an era: no more childcare

As we reach the end of 2014, we're closing the book on many things for another year, most notably childcare. Our last child has attended childcare for the very last time.

The 7-year itch is more like the 10-year itch: study

Contrary to popular belief, making it past the seven-year mark doesn't mean your marriage will be smooth sailing from there on.

Stop telling us that parenting gets harder

I’m sure that parenting will get harder. But life isn’t exactly smooth sailing for many of us right now, either.

Should children be forced to sit on Santa's lap?

We teach kids it’s okay to say no if they don’t feel safe, so why do some parents force their children to climb in to Santa's lap?

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Baby born weighing almost 14 pounds

Yes, the bouncing baby girl was born by caesarean section. And mum says no more kids.

The dummy debate

I'm the first to admit that when I used to see tiny babies with dummies in their mouths, I thought "Hmm, lazy parenting." And now I apologise.

'I thought I was an only child'

Imagine meeting your double at a school sports event, or regularly being mistaken for someone you haven't met. Separated twins Margaret and Joy tell their story.

Mums reveal their nappy bag essentials

Ever wondered what other mums carry in their nappy bags? We have, so we asked mums to tell us their must-have nappy bag items.

Toddler died because he wasn't given antibiotics soon enough

A 15-month-old boy would almost certainly be alive today if doctors had given him antibiotics sooner, a coroner has ruled.

VIDEO: moment a toddler falls on to train tracks in Melbourne

Shocking footage has emerged capturing the moment a pram carrying a toddler rolled off a platform and onto train tracks in suburban Melbourne.

Sold on natural birth? Read the fine print

In the excitement and anticipation of a first pregnancy, I ignored the fine print: some women, some of the time.

Child with alcoholic mum who drank while pregnant won't win pay-out

A young child is not entitled to criminal injuries compensation after her mother drank excessively while pregnant.

Superbugs killing India's babies, posing wider threat

A deadly epidemic that could have global implications is quietly sweeping India, tens of thousands of newborns dying because antibiotics no longer work.

Can you teach a toddler to sleep in?

Parents share their tips on getting their early risers to sleep in, even for just a little bit longer.

How many weeks til Christmas?

On your To-Do list

Get the "Santa" shopping done without the kids in tow.