Half of all mums experience discrimination at work

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Employment Issues

Miki Perkins, Judith Ireland A new report has found that half of all Australian mothers say they have experienced discrimination to do with work, including during pregnancy, while on parental leave, and when returning to work.


'Shocking' treatment of pregnant women at work

pregnant work

Elizabeth Broderick Believe me, snide remarks are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of discrimination in relation to pregnancy, parental leave and returning to work.


Updating your resume after parental leave


It's always best to be honest in a CV; you're entitled to take maternity leave and your skills haven't decreased while you were away. Here's how to make your resume shine.

Life as a 'latte papa' in Sweden


Richard Orange In Sweden, it's so common to see trendily dressed men pushing prams through the cities that visitors from the US are reputed to ask about all the ''gay nannies''.

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'Employers see mums as a risk'

mum baby

Natalie Bull When I was interviewed I'm ashamed to say I tried not to mention that I had a young baby. Do you know how awful it feels to try to hide the thing you are most proud of and love more than anything?


Childcare issues contributing to major productivity concerns


Georgia Wilkins and Colin Kruger Childcare cost is causing stress for parents and is a major productivity issue for Australia.

Abbott firm on paid parental leave scheme, but will it really go ahead?

Women of 'calibre' deserve paid parental leave: Abbott (Thumbnail)

LETITIA ROWLANDS As the Coalition's landslide victory last September fades into the distance, serious doubts surround whether the scheme, in its current form at least, will ever see the light of day.


Fighting for the right to lean out, or why I hate Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg

Rosa Brooks Long ago, before Sandberg's book Lean In convinced me to change my ways, I had a life. Then I read it and realised I was self-sabotaging slacker.

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Childcare rebate vital to working parents

Parents struggle with childcare costs

Letitia Rowlands Childcare has become so expensive, many parents could not afford to work without government subsidies.


Trial of flexible childcare a flop


smh.com.au A trial of flexible childcare, including overnight care, established by the previous Labor government has flopped as fewer than one fifth of the families targeted are actually participating.

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Centrelink denies carer benefits to Finn Smith's family

finn smith

Kathy Sundstrom Finn Smith's parents, Jason and Sarah, spent two months beside their son as he fought deadly meningococcal. They never expected they'd have to battle Centrelink, too.

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Women on maternity leave facing 'second baby effect'


SHANE GREEN Call it the second baby effect: women return to work after the birth of their second child and discover they are being discriminated against by previously accommodating managers.

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Millions of children to benefit from Medicare dental scheme

teeth toddler

DAN HARRISON More than 3 million children will be eligible for Medicare-funded dental care under a new scheme.

Abbott government won't rule out GP co-payments

Peter Dutton.

GARETH HUTCHENS The Abbott government is refusing to rule out a $6 co-payment for every GP visit in a bid to rein in health spending, sparking fears that it will ultimately end Medicare.

'Why can't mums play for Australia?'

Heather Garriock

DAVID SYGALL Gender equality is proving elusive for Matilda Heather Garriock, who is hoping to finish her career on a high note - as a player for Australia and a mum.


Balancing family and a start-up

ros moriarty

Ros Moriarty Ros Moriarty, managing director of Indigenous design company The Jumbana Group, gives her advice on starting - and continuing to keep afloat - a family business.

Studying after parenthood


Lisa Almond Usually when you announce to the world you are having a baby people’s faces light up and they offer you words of encouragement. But my pregnancy announcement was unfortunately met with a different response. I was 20 years old and half way through a university degree.

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Childcare workers asked to hand back wage rise


Jonathan Swan and Bianca Hall The Abbott government is asking childcare providers to ''do the right thing'' and hand back $62.5 million given to them to improve wages in the poorly paid sector.


The truth about the working parent juggle

working mum

AMBER ROBINSON BBQ conversations in Sydney can be relied upon to deliver three topics of conversation: real estate, high schools, and, for those with young children: how do you do it?

A third of childcare centres not meeting benchmarks

Childcare Centre Director, Tanya Rapa.

COSIMA MARRINER Early childhood centres are struggling to meet demanding new standards for the education, health and safety of young children, according to the national regulator.

Abbott flags major review of childcare system


DANIEL HURST The Productivity Commission will launch an inquiry into how Australia’s childcare system can be improved to meet the needs of modern families.

How Collette Dinnigan quit for her family

Collette Dinnigan.

PAULA JOYE Paris Fashion Week proved to be the deal breaker: when Collette Dinnigan returned from her trip, she felt her 11-month-old son Hunter did'not recognise her.

Deciding not to return to work post-baby


Claire Dunn How - and when - do you tell the boss you're not coming back to work after a baby? Or that you're not really sure what you want to do?

One in four Australian households now has a woman as main income earner

Melissa Seto and Philip Carr with their daughters Sophia, 5, and Isabella, 3.

Rachel Wells, Lara O’Toole More Australian women are bringing home the lion’s share of the household income with females nominated as the breadwinner in one in four Australian households.


Childcare red tape is keeping children safe


Lisa Bryant Nine children died while in childcare in Minnesota last year. In the same year in Australia, no child suffered an accidental death at a childcare service.


Parental leave may trigger revolt

Women of 'calibre' deserve paid parental leave: Abbott (Thumbnail)

MARK KENNY Tony Abbott may have a more pressing challenge than convincing Labor to abandon its carbon price - keeping his own senators in line over issues such as his generous paid parental leave scheme.

Fears childcare fees could rise if subsidy goes


RACHEL BROWNE Childcare fees are predicted to rise as much as 10 per cent if a proposed subsidy is revoked by the Coalition.

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Why I'll never say 'when I win lotto ...'

lotto balls

Cecilia Robinson As my son grows up I want him to feel empowered, as if anything is possible - not that he needs to sit around waiting for "when he wins Lotto".

Target's plastic bag backdown a loss for the silent majority


Rosemary Anne Sharp Target's return to giving away plastic bags with purchase is the result of a small but vocal minority, according to experts. So what does this mean for other “go green” bag campaigns?

The political mother-load is a heavy burden for women to bear

Annabel Crabb Dinkus

ANNABEL CRABB All the talk aside, when it comes to politics and family it's still a man's world out there.


Woolies warns of online scam


Woolworths has warned its customers of an email scam claiming to give away supermarket vouchers.

Returning to work post-baby: what now?

work mum

Lisa Schofield Are you standing at a career crossroads after having kids? Or have you found your path, and you're not sure how to get jump back into that other world? Experts and mums share their advice on getting back in the swing of things.

When work and motherhood collide

pregnant office

VICTORIA BIRCH Australian legislation is designed to guard mothers and mums-to-be against discrimination, but evidence shows that women still find themselves facing redundancy, demotion and resistance to flexible working arrangements.

Mum will pay $1000 for a job

Megan LeBherz

Kieran Banks and Melanie Mahoney A Queensland mum will hand out a hefty reward to the person who can help her land a job.


Coalition to push for less qualified childcare staff


DAN HARRISON The Coalition government will seek to slow or abandon requirements for childcare centres to lift staff-to-child ratios and employ more highly qualified workers.

Bob Hawke says Tanya Plibersek shouldn't lead Labor 'as she has a three-year-old'

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek in her office at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday 21 June 2012.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

AMBER ROBINSON It is 2013, right? Why then, is a woman’s status as a mother still relevant to her career potential?

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More couples choosing to keep separate accounts

Bride and groom figurines.

Kate Jones For a growing number of couples, having separate finances maintains the harmony at home.

'You have to pay': mum battles private parking company

15 October 2012. News Canberra Times Photo by Jeffrey Chan. Parking ticket on car towing Liberal Party election sign along Parkes Way.

PAUL BIBBY A mother was allegedly threatened with legal action by a private parking company over a $173 fine notice that was never received for an infringement that did not occur.

ATO warns of new scam

email scam

Kim Stephens The Australian Tax Office has warned people to be wary of a new email scam claiming a tax refund has failed to process.

Why aren't more men taking paid parental leave?

dad breastfeedng

MATT WADE It might be called paid parental leave but so far only one father has taken it for every 500 mothers.


Election 2013

Parental leave cheat sheet

Rudd Abbott

AMBER ROBINSON In an election campaign characterised by big ideas and little detail, paid parental leave is shaping up as a push-button issue. Here's a guide to what the parties are suggesting.


Election 2013

Fact check: Are newly arrived asylum seekers paid more than pensioners?

Clive Palmer presser (Thumbnail)

Peter Whiteford Clive Palmer claims that senior citizens and disability pensioners are paid less than newly arrived asylum seekers. We look at the facts to find out the truth.

Election 2013

A single-minded struggle to get by

Bianca Maciel Pizzorno feels lucky despite her battle to make ends meet.

Rachel Kleinman Around 65,000 single parents, mostly women, have been affected by cuts to the Parenting Payment.

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Beware, it's a (childcare) jungle out there

boy fingerpaint

Anita Beaumont If finding childcare was a competitive sport, it’d be of the contact variety. A brutal, gloves-off, bloody affair, with parents elbowing each other out of the way for a coveted position in the babies’ room.

Daddy issues: blind spot on parental leave pay

dad father child

John Birmingham Stay-at-home dads aren't really a mystery. They're not wrapped in riddles. They shouldn't be an enigma. So why are they absent from this wee's election barney over paid parental leave?


Fined for screaming in childbirth

the right tools for saving lives

RUBY HAMAD Poverty disproportionately affects women around the world - and some are even charged for making noise during childbirth.

Election 2013

Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme: all the details

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Liberal MP Kelly O'Dwyer meet with Amelia Taylor and 5-month-old Thomas, during his visit to a cafe in Malvern, Victoria, on Sunday 18 August 2013.

JACQUELINE MALEY Mothers who give birth after July 1 2015 will get six months' leave on full pay under Tony Abbott's planned paid parental leave scheme.

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Avoiding skimming and card fraud


David Wilson Your routine trip to the local ATM could have a shocking cost if you aren't careful. Here's some advice on how to keep your money safe.

When #slackmums hit back

mum at work

KAREN HARDY 'Are people sick of picking up the slack for working mums?' the headline read. And I thought, 'Oh, bugger off.'

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Election 2013

Is the cost of living really out of control?

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

PETER MARTIN If you listen to the pollies, you'd be forgiven for thinking our cost of living was spiraling out of control. We take a look at whether their statements add up.

Outcry over Abbott's 'women of calibre' comment Abbott's maternity leave scheme Nannies in demand in childcare crisis Working mums still plagued by guilt Returning to work: a walk in the park? Families going without food, medicine to pay power bills How to keep your job post-baby Benefits slow to arrive for many families Around-the-clock childcare trial Mothercare customers left with worthless vouchers Family camping trip packing tips Abbott's threat to ditch school bonus has parents divided Baby on board: how to survive a flight with an infant Employer apologises over pregnancy discrimination Labor's plan to make work more flexible for parents Living a big life Seven ways to save cash instantly What not to say to a working mother The truth about single mums Bosses inflexible for single mums

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Britain's youngest parents: mother 12, father 13

A 12-year-old schoolgirl and her 13-year-old boyfriend are believed to have become Britain’s youngest parents, after the birth of their baby girl earlier this week.

When Prince George met Bilby George

Prince George has met an Aussie marsupial named after him in his first official engagement in Australia.

Asphyxia link another piece of the SIDS puzzle

An Australian study has uncovered information which could lead to a better understanding of why babies die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Pregnant woman dies after doctor removes ovary instead of appendix

When a UK woman went to hospital suffering appendicitis, doctors mistakenly removed her healthy ovary - with tragic consequences.

The milestones I can't wait to celebrate

Nothing can beat the feeling of witnessing that first smile, first step and first word - but here's a list of 'firsts' I'm really looking forward to now.

How you develop in your baby's first year

Just as babies undergo rapid growth as they learn and change in their first year, we’re learning and changing quickly as parents, too. Don’t underestimate the developmental stages you go through when you have a baby.

Can you make your baby smarter even before birth?

A product new to Australia claims to help babies be born "as intelligent as possible", but not all experts agree on the benefits of educating babies while still in the womb.

How a mother's love helped unearth the skills of an autistic savant

Autistic savant Ping Lian Yeak, a prodigious artist who has had his work shown all over the world, couldn't have done it without the support and love of his proud mum.

Rescue dog Zoey and BFF Jasper star in adorable pics

Photographer, self-professed "crazy dog lady" and mum Grace Chon takes photos of rescue dog Zoey and her 10-month-old son Jasper together. The results are just too cute. See more on Instagram @thegracechon.

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A tiny heart: a baby’s death gives life to another

Simon Alexander Garcia lived only one brief hour. But somewhere, a little girl’s heart is beating today because of him.

Ear piercing: what age is best?

What is it that shapes our opinions on what’s an 'appropriate' age for our children to get their ears pierced? Parents share their views on how young is too young when it comes to piercing.

Why is childbirth still such a pain?

The options given to women to help them cope in labour have barely changed in years.

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Ear piercing: what age is best?

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Caring for kids helps grandmothers stay mentally alert

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Why I loved my third home water birth

After two water births at home, I was determined to give birth to my son the same way. I just hoped this birth would be quicker than my last two.

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