Ylvis parody for parents: What does the kid say?

Deva in a still from her parody video.
Deva in a still from her parody video. 

What's better than a parody song? How about a parody of a parody? Norwegian act Ylvis have scored chart positions around the world for their frankly ridiculous 'The Fox', which pokes fun at modern dance music.

Now mommy blogger Deva from mylifesuckers.com has created her own version, which asks deep and soul-searching questions about just what is it that her children want, and why won't they let her pee in peace?

She roped in her family and friends to perform in the video, which she says she was compelled to produce after being stuck in her head 'day after day'.

"There’s a version for farmers. There’s a version for socks. There needed to be a version for moms," she writes on her blog. Watch her version below.