What do you think this cake looks like?

Photo: Nadia Cakes/Facebook
Photo: Nadia Cakes/Facebook 

A US bakery recently shared a photo of a stunning cake they had made, calling it a "beautiful geode rock cake". And gosh, it really is beautiful. It also, as the internet pointed out, kind of resembles a vagina.

Sure, it's a vagina with a pretty serious medical condition, causing it to turn purple and crystalise, but still…We're all teenagers at heart, let's just admit we see it too. 

I'm sure when Nadia Cakes in Minnesota shared that image they expected a few comments on how incredible the crystal detail work was and how impressively sciency they were, but they got something altogether different. 

People were noticing the graduated shades of pink, going from pale and almost flesh-coloured on the outside, to a deeper more engorged shade in the middle. Oh, and they were noticing that gash in the rock is exactly the same as a slightly skewiff vag. 

Of course, the comments have been swift and hilarious, including questions about whether the cake is moist. (And we all know the only time we should say that word is when we're talking about cake, so it's unfortunately allowable here.)

But what has taken this cake conversation to the next level has been the bakery's reaction to the comments. 

"Well, it's official," wrote Abby Jiminez, the social media voice of Nadia Cakes, "Our customers are 50% rock enthusiasts and 50% perverts."

Abby also pointed out that if the bakers wanted to make a vagina cake, there would have been no interpretation necessary. "Guys, have you seen the mad skills of our cake design team? If we made a vagina cake, you wouldn't be saying, 'OMG, that cake is a vagina.' You'd be saying, 'That vagina is a CAKE?!'"



Abby also joked that due to the adolescent reaction to the rock cake, they might rethink future projects.

"*At manager's meeting on Monday* 'Well, once again we've underestimated our customers' ability to see genitals in our baked goods. Let's put that cute mushroom cake we had planned in the 'do not make' file.'"

Abby told Scary Mommy that it's always been the bakery's way to engage with their customers in an edgy and humorous way. 

"We're a cupcake shop so we never really take ourselves too seriously," she said.

Abby says she didn't see the resemblance of the cake to a vagina at first. "I personally didn't see the gilded vageen in that cake until customers pointed it out. Their comments were cracking me up, so I was like 'all right, you guys wanna talk about vaginas? Let's do this.'"

Even better, the bakery's business has exploded since the vagina cake, and Abby's hilarious responses, have gone viral. 

"I've never had more fun in my life," she said. "Our staff think this whole thing is hilarious."