Video: ‘You made me a mother’

Yes, it’s an ad, but this is a very sweet clip – one which will probably have most mums tearing up and giving their kids an extra special hug and kiss.

In a nice touch, the brand which is being advertised, Boba carriers, has only been included in subtle ways. The products are shown, but they won’t be in the forefront of your mind as watch it.

To add to the sweetness, the ad’s voiceover is made up of comments from the Boba online community, not the usual advertising copywriters, a representative told Huffington Post.

"These parents often share their own stories about how becoming a mother changed their lives,” they said. “We wanted to document and share that thought, since it is such an amazing gift.”

The reception to the video on YouTube has been overwhelmingly positive since it was first uploaded on January 7. 

"Beautiful! This needs a warning to grab a box of tissues before watching," one commenter wrote. 

"Wonderful ... I just love this," another commented. 

Watch the video above – and see how far you can make it without getting a bit teary.