Video: World's cutest haka

Toddlers at a New Zealand daycare centre have become stars around the world following a very special performance on YouTube.

The group of kids from Brownyn’s Place Daycare in Porirua were filmed as they performed an enthusiastic version of the haka.

Although filmed last year, the clip has become more popular since the 2013 rugby season began, appearing on the Huffington Post and Channel 10 news in Australia.

One of the children, Raiatea Reweti, (in the striped pants), was especially passionate in his rendition.

Raiatea’s dad told NZ’s 3 News that he had originally watched the clip in “almost disbelief”.

“[It’s just] the whole unscripted nature of it,” he said. “The boys are all off the cuff, and then halfway through it Raiatea explodes into this monster of energy.”

Now four and a half, Raiatea told 3 News he know’s he’s now famous as a result of his haka performance.

Maybe it’s all in his genes - the news report revealed that the Rewetis are descendants of Ngati Toa leader Te Rauparaha, who wrote "Ka Mate".

Watch the toddlers in the video above.