Video: Man gets stuck in highchair

[Language warning on the video - if swearing offends, please turn down your sound] 

Child-friendly pubs that provide highchairs are great when families with babies or toddlers feel like going out for dinner. 

But if this amusing video posted on YouTube is anything to go by, those dangerous highchairs should be kept under lock and key when they are not being used by a young diner.

The clip shows a Manchester man, known only as Darren, as he struggles to get himself out of a highchair after thinking it would be funny to climb into it.

No doubt a few beers prompted the pub-goer to come up with the prank, but the joke was definitely on the man-child as friends laughed uproariously at his predicament - all while filming his embarrassing situation, naturally. 

Despite removing removing his pants and being dragged along the floor, the man still remains trapped at the end of the short clip.

Let's hope he did finally escape the highchair - imagine trying to explain his new seating arrangement to the boss on Monday morning ...