The Wiggles and Sesame Street have teamed up! And we LOVE it

Image: YouTube / The Wiggles
Image: YouTube / The Wiggles  

OMG. Deep breaths. Sesame Street and The Wiggles TOGETHER? In the SAME music video? Emma and Elmo in the SAME room? 

Mind blown.

This could be the greatest crossover in kid's entertainment ever... in fact the greatest musical collaboration in history EVER. I mean, I know it was kind of a big deal when David Bowie and Mick Jagger did a cover of Dancing In The Street, but this, mums and dads, is HUGE.

That's right, Australia's most successful and iconic kids entertainers have joined forces with our other favourite TV icons, the gang from Sesame Street, to release a new and catchy version of Do the Propeller!

"We have all grown up with Sesame Street and it really is a dream come true to be performing with Elmo, Abby and Cookie Monster!," The Wiggles said about the brilliant collaboration.

The video was filmed while the Wiggles were on their recent U.S. tour and has just dropped on YouTube.

After singing and dancing like aeroplanes together, Simon even pulls out some 'cookies' for the Cookie Monster and explains we call them 'biscuits here in Australia'. Epic and adorable. 

The collaboration has been met with resounding joy and excitement from parents and kids alike.

Over on Twitter, kids were 'almost exploding':

Meanwhile, on Facebook, excitement has been reaching peak levels:

- Simon and Cookie Monster together is the greatest thing ever

- Ahhhhhhhh! We are screaming in this house!
I wish you could have seen my 2 year old's reaction. "That's Elmo?? That's WIGGLES??" ☺

 - Oh my gosh! My daughter is going to lose her mind, her two favorite things to watch all together in one!

- This brought my childhood and my children's together like a giant warm hug! 🥰

- One song?!? We need a whole album! A full length feature! ❤️❤️❤️

Check it out and bookmark it NOW, because your toddler is undoubtedly going to lose their sweet little mind and ask for it on repeat. Over and over again. 

You're welcome.