The two-year-old cheerleading star

Emerson and her dad Andrew performing on a beach during a recent holiday.
Emerson and her dad Andrew performing on a beach during a recent holiday. 

A two-year-old has become an internet sensation after a video of her performing a cheer routine with her dad went viral – but not everyone supports the energetic pair.

Emerson Decker and her dad Andrew have been cheering together since Emerson could first stand, when her dad started to practice standing her up in his hands.

Since then the pair have spent countless hours learning and perfecting their moves, which include the toddler being thrown in the air and dropped from large heights, doing flips, and standing on one leg metres above the ground as her dad supports her with one hand.

Emerson at home in a cheerleading outfit.
Emerson at home in a cheerleading outfit. 

Emerson comes from a cheerleading family – Andrew told Fox and Friends that he has been coaching cheerleading since he was seven years old, while his wife Allison and Emerson's aunt, Haley, were also cheerleaders. 

The tiny cheerleader rose to fame after actress/model Brooklyn Decker, her cousin, shared a video of her performing on the beach. Since then, the dad/daughter have gained more than 50,000 followers on their Instagram account, where they share videos and photos of their routines.

Of course, while many support the pair, others are concerned about the toddler’s welfare. “This just makes me too nervous – what if he dropped her,” one commented on a video.

“The risk of injury is just too high – and what’s it doing to her bones?” said another.

Andrew doesn’t worry about his critics, however, saying that he’d never let his daughter fall. He also pointed out that she’s been doing the stunts longer than she's been walking.

See Emerson and her dad performing in the short clips below, or check out their Instagram account at little_flyer_1.