The Today team's cringeworthy Iggy Azalea cover

Today Show presenters get fancy

Faces of Channel Nine sing along to Iggy Azealia's Fancy with and without her guiding vocals. Vision: Channel Nine's TODAY Show

In a disturbing clip that will leave Iggy Azalea fans everywhere covering their eyes in horror, the presenters and reporters on Today have produced their own lip-sync cover of the rap star's track Fancy.

Lisa Wilkinson goes all gangsta with wads of pretend cash and a bottle of champagne, Tracy Grimshaw digs deep to discover her inner hip hop star – and comes up empty-handed – while Karl Stefanovic ... well, you just know what Karl is going to do when presented with yet another chance to crank the dag-o-meter up to 11.

But just when it seems the toe-curling awfulness can't get any worse (we're looking at you, Jesinta Campbell and Ross Greenwood) the whole clip is replayed, but without Azalea's track dubbed over the top.

Don't give up your day job ... even ACA's Tracy Grimshaw gets in on the act.
Don't give up your day job ... even ACA's Tracy Grimshaw gets in on the act. Photo: Nine

Yup, you get to hear them as well.

One after another, the Today folk demonstrate that the only rapping they should be allowed anywhere near should involve Christmas presents and the only keys they are familiar with are the ones in their jacket pockets.

The special presentation was to promote Wednesday's appearance by Azalea on the show as part of her heavily-hyped return to Australia.

Just hope Karl doesn't try to duet with her.

This is what happens when we take on Iggy Azalea! Remember Iggy joins us LIVE in studio tomorrow morning!#Today9

Posted by TODAY on Monday, August 17, 2015