The strange places mums are bingeing on their favourite TV shows

 Photo: Getty Images

Mothers desperate for "me time" are going to extreme measures to catch up on their favourite shows, including bingeing while walking the dog or sitting on the loo, according to a new survey.

Almost all mums questioned by Netflix reported having less "me time" post-kids, with around three-quarters resorting to bingeing on the sly.

Along with the nine per cent watching TV while walking the dog, and the 40 per cent shutting the bathroom door for a quick hit of House of Cards, the survey revealed that mums are the ultimate multi-taskers.

It found 57 per cent squeeze in an episode of their current favourite show while doing the laundry and 48 per cent do so while cooking dinner.


And the sneakiness doesn't end there.

The survey revealed 27 per cent of mothers spend a little extra time putting on make up, 21 per cent hide in a closet, pantry or basement, while 15 per cent will take an additional 30 minutes at the gym - all in the service of obtaining a little extra quality binge time.

Oh, and if you're watching The Crown while waiting for your kids to finish soccer training, then you're not alone with 19 per cent of mums bingeing in carparks - which seems like a pretty good use of time really.

t's not just newly released shows mums are watching either. Along with 13 Reasons Why, Orange Is The New Black and GLOW, mums are also bingeing old favourites such as Gilmore Girls, Party of Five and Prison Break.


For the mums surveyed, all the sneaky bingeing is well worth the effort - 90 per cent of women said that watching their favourite TV shows counts as valuable "me time" helping them feel less stressed and more "refreshed".

For 19 per cent of mums, it helped them be a better parent, while 32 per cent said it made them feel like their old selves once again. 

And it's also a sanity-saviour too. For almost half of mums, binge watching their own adult shows, whether on the loo, while in the playground or hiding in a pantry, is a welcome break from endless re-runs of Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden.

And to that we say "Amen".