The original Wiggles are reuniting for special over 18s bushfire relief concert

The original Wiggles - Anthony Field, left, Greg Page, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt
The original Wiggles - Anthony Field, left, Greg Page, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt  

In news that will hopefully bring a moment of respite and a smile amid the devastating Australian bushfires, comes a big announcement from one of Australia's most popular children's groups. 

The original Wiggles are getting back together! 

That's right, it's time to jump back on board the big red car because Greg, Murray, Jeff, Anthony are reuniting for a special over 18s gig - all in the name of raising money to assist those affected by the current bushfire crisis. 

The Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, announced the comeback concert on 2GB this afternoon. 

"It's a sad time, but we just want to do whatever can to help," Anthony said. "We found Greg, we're waking up Jeff and Murray is always rocking around somewhere. We are all in! 

"And this is just the start of it. If it sells out, we'll do another show somewhere else. It's nice to come together and do a little bit of good." 

The concert will be held on January 18 at Castle Hill RSL, with all proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES

So if you've ever had the desire to sing along to 'Joanie Works With One Hammer', all while drinking alcohol in a club with other adults - this is it! 

Firefighters from Newcastle will also be at the fundraiser, to "take applause for all the firies". 

"They are really looking forward to it," Anthony told Erin Molan and Natalie Peters. "We hope to take their minds off everything for an hour and put a smile on their faces."

The Wiggles plan to belt out all their original hits - including 'Hot Potato', 'Fruit Salad', and 'Numbers Rumba'.


"Jeff's had some heath issues the last few years and a few ticker problems. He had a scare a couple of months ago, so we might have an ambulance on stand by," Anthony laughed, "but we are ready."

"In fact, Greg wants to add a new verse to Numbers Rumba so it goes up to five and sing, 'I can't believe Jeff is still alive'".

The group also plan to lend support to young children affected by the fires - by recording video messages to help explain the bushfires in terms kids can understand.

"A lot of kids are scared even if they're not in the bushfire areas," Anthony explains. "Children are constantly seeing all these terrifying images and we need to talk to them and ally their fears." 

The list of homegrown celebrities and Hollywood stars throwing their support behind Australia's bushfire crisis continues to grow, with comedian Celeste Barber's mammoth charity appeal for the NSW Rural Fire Service climbing over $33 million.

For more information and to buy tickets to the Wiggles reunion show go to Tickets on sale January 7 at 10am!