The car commercial that made me cry

It's far to say that men usually get a bad rap in modern ads - they don't know what a sanitary pad is, freak out and order takeaway when it's their turn to make dinner and seem to be allergic to washing powder. In adland, it's usually mum cheering by the soccer field, packing the school lunch and wiping baby's bottom.

The thing is, real-life dads are more hands-on than ever, spending up to three-times longer with their children than fathers did 20 years ago. Hands-on dads are celebrated in this heartwarming new UK ad for VW Polo.  It shows the evolving relationship of a protective father and his daughter, from the moment he first brings her home from the hospital to the day she finally leaves home.

What I love about this ad is not just that the father is doing the usual 'dad' stuff like sports and staring down potential boyfriends, but that he's right there cuddling his baby daughter from the start. And yes, it made me cry.