Review: Darth Vader and Son

What would have happened if Darth Vader had decided not to conquer the universe and instead become a stay-at-home dad to son, Luke?

There’s charm and humour in Jeffrey Brown’s new book, Darth Vader and Son.

Using familiar parenting scenarios, Brown has captured Luke Skywalker’s childhood with his dad to perfection. There’s a nice combination of in-jokes for Star Wars fans and the kind of stuff parents hear all the time. For example, in one scene, little Luke is asking Darth the awkward question “Dad, why is it called the ‘Death Star’?” In another, Luke is using the Force to raid the biscuit jar.

Luke Darth
Luke Darth 

While I liked Darth carrying a wailing Luke to bed, saying, “It is pointless to resist, my son. It’s bedtime”, my favourite illustration is Luke sitting in his booster seat in the Death Star, asking Are we there yet?”

This is closely followed by a picture of Darth unwrapping a gift from Luke – a red polka-dotted tie – with Darth saying “Thank you, my son” but thinking to himself, “I can’t wear this.” A familiar scenario, dads?

Darth carries a wailing Luke to bed, saying, “It is pointless to resist, my son. It’s bedtime'

With more than fifty pages of Brown’s clever illustrations, you’ll be convinced that Darth would have made a terrific dad.

Darth Vader and Son, by Jeffrey Brown, is available for $16.95.

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