Mum's hilarious Moana pregnancy parody

That overdue feeling.
That overdue feeling. Photo: YouTube: The Murrays

If your family is anything like mine, Moana has been on high rotation since it came out – and every time you say "thank you" you're met with an over-enthusiastic, "you're welcome!!" (At least Moana taught our kids good manners, right?)

But one clever mum, sick of waiting for her fifth daughter to be born, turned "How Far I'll Go" into a hilarious parody song about going overdue and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Danielle Murray was well past her due date and had time to kill, so she put it to good use, rewriting the words to the iconic song and creating a music video to go with it.

The lyrics fit perfectly: "I've been staring at the edge of my belly, long as I can remember. I've been pregnant all my life."

Ugh, we've all been there, sister!

She goes on, "I wish I could meet this perfect daughter, but I cannot break my water, no matter how hard I try."

Danielle told Babble, "I loved being able to be lighthearted about being so far overdue instead of miserable and complaining about it."

Danielle has since gone on to give birth to a healthy baby girl.