Mum accidentally bakes inappropriate cookies for son’s birthday party

If only his favourite colour was pink... Image: Reddit.
If only his favourite colour was pink... Image: Reddit. 

Everyone wants their child's first birthday to be perfect, don't they? We make decorations, we plan the guest list, and we bake. Oh, how we bake! But one mum had an unexpected outcome when she decided to bake blue iced "1" cookies for her son's birthday party.

It's unclear whether the mum in question saw the awkward issue with these cookies (the fact that they look like tiny blue penises, for those clean-minded among us who are only seeing cookies), but her husband sure did. He snapped off a pic and shared it on Reddit, with this caption: "My wife made '1' cookies for our one-year-old's birthday…I don't think they came out right."

Queue all manner of Reddit-style penis jokes, but one member (sorry) had some useful advice to save the cookies for a G-rated party: "She should outline or literally just draw the number 1 on each."

The same user also suggested they could also leave the cookies as they are, to give the adults something to laugh at because the children won't care.

A second advisor gave a good tip for next time: "It looks like the dough wasn't properly chilled before baking. I always chill the initial dough, and then freeze the cut outs before they go into the oven."

Which is a good tip I'll be filing away for next time I'm baking cookies that might possibly melt into some kind of phallic shape.

A third Reddit user said they got more than they bargained for from the thread. "Came for the penis joke, left with knowledge on baking. We have all grown."

Of course, the little birthday boy would neither know nor care about his mum's NSFW slip-up, so we're going to go ahead and hope she didn't toss... sorry, throw them out.

After all, as a number of commenters noted, the bawdy bickies could star in some rather embarrassing photos that could be resurrected in, oooh let's say, precisely 17 years' time.

Regardless, it turns out there's a lesson to be learned from all of this.  Always be suspicious when your giggling husband photographs your cooking.