Most creative Russian wedding photos

Over the years, wedding photography has seen many a trend come and go.

From the old days of posing in a formal fashion until the photographer just gets one decent shot, through to the more modern style of an unobtrusive photographer snapping away to get candid shots throughout the day, couples have had a variety of ways to capture their special day in their own way.

And then there’s the style many Russian couples apparently choose to help celebrate their weddings.

Heavily Photoshopped and featuring very creative poses, the images give us a glimpse into the sense of fun and humour the couples share.

Sure, it mightn’t make much sense to us to have a miniature groom cowering under a bride’s gown, or to have the happy couple hovering in mid-air as the bride plays an accordion, but hey, at least they look like they’re having fun.

And if the newlyweds have always wanted to see themselves as centaurs, why not use their big day to make it happen? 

Click through the gallery to see some of the more original Russian wedding photos that are doing the rounds around the internet – floating groomsmen, pocket-sized brides, and all.