Hashtag baby: #hoax or #realthing?

Hashtag Jameson ... The image that caught the attention of the internet.
Hashtag Jameson ... The image that caught the attention of the internet. 

A photo making the rounds on Twitter today suggests that a mother has named her child after a convention used on that social network.

The image appears to have been posted on Facebook and is captioned, “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite (sic).”

A comment underneath it reads, “Aww babes you finally had youre Tweetybird (sic).”

Hashtags are used on Twitter as keywords.

The image first came to public attention when it appeared on Awkward Messages, but it’s not known who the child’s parents are, or if the image is legitimate.

Twitter users have responded to the news with incredulity. 

"Parents have decided to name their baby Hashtag. In other news, the apocalypse is nigh," one use, @mirithjedi, wrote. 

"How to make sure your kid grows up hating you, and in expensive therapy," @petershankman posted.

"A haiku of my own: Baby named "Hashtag"/Guess those parents really want/A trending toddler," @randizuckeberg tweeted.


Media requests for the newborn's parents to come forward have been ignored.

It wouldn’t be the first time a child has been named after a social network – last year, a couple in Egypt named their child Facebook after the role the website played in the January uprising.   

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