Harry Potter newborn dolls: cool or creepy?

Artist Tracy Ann Lister specialises in creating incredibly life-like baby dolls, a process which is known as "reborning".

But it is her latest series, inspired by the Harry Potter movie franchise, which is attracting headlines. Lister's shop on eBay now features a range of baby dolls based on Harry Potter characters - from a cuddly Hermoine to a baby Lord Voldemort that will haunt your nightmares.

Traditional purchases of reborn dolls are older women, who purchase the dolls from online 'nurseries' which mimic the process of adoption. The dolls often come with fake birth certificates. 

Each doll is painstakingly hand-painted and fitted with real hair and weighted to feel like a human baby.

So if you've ever wanted to parent a baby wizard, this may be your only chance.