Get ready to boogie: Peppa Pig to release 'My First Album'

Photo: Peppa Pig
Photo: Peppa Pig 

It's set to be the album of the year for everyone with little people. Peppa Pig will drop her very first album - called Peppa Pig: My First Album - on July 19, and you can pre-order it now.

Peppa is celebrating her 15th anniversary year and rather than slamming doors and rolling her eyes like any 15-year-old would be likely to do, she has instead made a very special 15-song album for your listening pleasure. 

Soon-to-be classics include 'Bing Bong Zoo', 'Jumping In Muddle Puddles', and 'Peppa Party Time!' as well as other much-loved songs from the show.

Choose your download or streaming method at eOne and count down until July 19.


Bing bong bingly bungly boo 🎶

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