Ed Sheeran dedicates song to baby named after him

"I love babies man, they're so cute.," Sheeran said.
"I love babies man, they're so cute.," Sheeran said. Photo: @teddysphotos

Pop superstar and all-round good guy Ed Sheeran has given a couple the thrill of a lifetime by dedicating a song to their almost one-year-old baby.

Rocky and Harmony Smith had trouble conceiving and Sheeran's music had helped them through their troubled time. So much so, that they named their baby Cooper Sheeran Smith, in recognition of their favourite musician.

So when he was touring, they took Cooper to see his concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Baby Cooper Sheeran and her mum Harmony at the Ed Sheeran concert in Florida.
Baby Cooper Sheeran and her mum Harmony at the Ed Sheeran concert in Florida. Photo: Facebook: Rocky Smith

And then it happened. Sheeran saw them in the crowd holding a sign that read: "They named me after you".

He chatted to them mid-concert and giggled when told her middle name was Sheeran.

He dedicated the song Dive to their beautiful little girl. They filmed the encounter and uploaded it onto Instagram.

"I've never seen a baby this calm during a concert," Sheeran said, while standing on stage.

"I love babies man, they're so cute.

"Cooper, we're going to sing this song for you.


"I'm going to need all of you in Miami to sing this song for Cooper right now. We're going to sing this as loud as we can."

The family had such an amazing time they came back for a second night.

Mr Smith told HuffPost that Sheeran waved hello and sent over headphones for his namesake to wear to protect her ears. For the record, she was wearing earplugs both nights.

"Another amazing gesture by this man," Mr Smith said.

"These were Cooper's first concert experiences that none of us will ever forget."

Mr Smith said Sheeran's music has been very prominent in the life of their baby girl. They had struggled to conceive and his wife underwent intrauterine insemination on Christmas morning of 2015. Right after the procedure they played Sheeran's song "Tenerife Sea" and one month later they found out Harmony was expecting.

They named their baby girl Cooper after the street Mr Smith grew up in New York and Sheeran after the musician.

"I started singing to Cooper as soon as she was born," Mr Smith told HuffPost.

"When we're in the car, it's Ed Sheeran. When we're in the house playing music, it's Ed Sheeran."

Now she can add two concerts, an introduction and a song dedication to her list.