Bride carries bouquet of doughnuts down the aisle

The bridal party was surprised.
The bridal party was surprised. Photo: Facebook: Dessert Boxes

I've never really understood the point of wedding flowers myself. When I got married, I didn't bother with them, opting instead to keep my hands free for holding champagne and hugging people.

But if I'd known bouquets of doughnuts were an option, I might have rethought my entire wedding day strategy. Because it's a long day and you can never do too much carb loading.

Paige Kirk from Sydney surprised her bridesmaids recently by presenting them each with a bouquet filled with a pastry selection – all decorated in ivory icing to match Paige's dress.

The delicious bouquets.
The delicious bouquets.  Photo: Facebook: Dessert Boxes

"Me and my husband Steven thought it would be different, fun and light-hearted," she told the BBC.

The one down side to a bouquet filled with sweet treats is that it's incredibly tempting – and a half-eaten pastry basket could look a bit ratty coming down the aisle. But Paige says the bridal party resisted tucking in.


The moment that the Bride told the bridesmaids that they'll be walking down the aisle with donut bouquets!

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"We had plenty of goodies beforehand so we were too full to eat them," she said.

Paige won the bouquets as part of a competition, and she was the first bride to take the unusual bouquets down the aisle.

She says the guests loved them. "Everyone thought it was hilarious, and the venue couldn't believe it.


"Brides should be a bit more relaxed and have fun!"

Paige and Steven have been together for three years, and wanted the wedding to reflect who they were as a couple.

But Paige says she's been surprised by the enormous response she got to sharing her bouquet, with thousands commenting on pictures of her bouquets since Saturday.