Bluey news: parents devastated by ABC Kids timeslot change

Photo: Bluey / ABC Kids
Photo: Bluey / ABC Kids 

It's the animated TV series that has soared to the heights of cult status among parents and their little ones.

Bluey and her Blue Heeler family are adored around the nation, and the affection is set to spread with the recent deal between BBC Studios and Disney that will see the show screened to audiences in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

And now, in a move that has parents up in arms ABC is changing Bluey from its evening 7:20pm timeslot to 8am.

In a post on the ABC Kids for Parents Facebook page, parents were advised, "Schedule Update from July 1. We say goodbye to Bluey in the evenings but don't worry, she's still on at 8am in the mornings and you can watch your favourite episodes anytime on ABC KIDS iview."

Viewers were then told that Bluey would be replaced by Hey Duggee.

The backlash was swift and fierce, with the post attracting more than 1,400 comments, and a petition to stop the change already underway, 

Many said that an episode of Bluey is essential to their bedtime routine, and are upset by the change.

"Big mistake! We watch Bluey as a family at 7.20 before bed time. Our 3yo won't go to bed without Bluey. Plus we love watching it too, it's the best show on ABC Kids right now."


"Not happy ABC! We all enjoy Bluey before bed, please don't change the schedule!"

"Noooo. As much as we love Duggee, everyone in this house knows it's Dino Dana, Andy, BINGO and BED."

Others agreed saying that mornings are impossible with work priorities and school drops offs intruding on the new Bluey time.

"Oh no we don't get to watch Bluey of a morning during the week because of my work commitments, we always looked forward to Bluey at 7:20pm."

"No we love Bluey in the evenings! Our kids are at school by 8am so don't get to watch it in the mornings."

"Boo. We rarely catch Bluey in the mornings, with everything going on. But we love sitting down as a family to watch before bedtime."

Parents are not only devastated for their children, but for themselves too.

"I think I know a few adults who will be very disappointed by Bluey not being on at nighttime!"

"Terrible decision!! Everyone lives for Bluey!"

"No! No! No! Just No! What am I going to bribe my kids with in the evening? Not a fan of iView at that time as it turns into a battle to turn off the tv. We need a petition!"


Photo: ABC Kids

The impassioned pleas from hundreds has indeed sparked a petition, despite the ability to stream the show on ABC iView.

Kate Ryan posted a petition to, titled 'Keep Bluey at bedtime!' and urging people to sign in the name of quality family time.

She wrote, "Families around Australia are being brought together every evening in a way that hasn't happened for a long, long time. Electronic devices are put away, and old and young gather around to watch the adorable little 6yr old Blue Heeler and her even cuter little sister, who have captured hearts in the simplest yet deepest of ways."

She adds, "We as families see ourselves. How we succeed. How we fail. And how we are and how we want to be."

Kate then implores the ABC to restore Bluey to its night time slot.

"Bluey is becoming part of our families. And in an age where we are all drifting further apart, she's bringing families back together.  

Please, ABC, leave Bluey on in the evenings. Or we'll send Muffin around when she's skipped a nap!"

The new Bluey toy and book ranges will be out in November in time for Christmas.