'A letter to a person on their first day here' by Kid President: video

It’s called “The kids need to know: A letter to a person on their first day here”, and is seemingly for any of the babies who are born in our world on any given day.

But the new video by Kid President is chockfull of inspirational, heart-warming and practical information suitable for people of any age.   

“Some days gross things will happen’ somedays awesome things will happen. Some days you’ll get ice cream; some days you won’t … it’s just how it is here,” the 10-year-old narrator says during the 3-minute clip. 

"You're awesome. You're made that way. You're made from love, to be love, to spread love."

Started as part of a marketing campaign for Free-Hardeman University in Tennessee, the Kid President series has included cameos from celebs such as Beyonce, Nicholas Cage, and the real-life adult president of the USA, Barack Obama. 

But this touching video features the Kid President – otherwise known as 10-year-old Robby Novak – giving his advice to newbies of the world on his own. And although Novak was born with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), an incurable congenital disorder that makes bones prone to fracture, he does one of his trademark joyful dances in the clip. 

“There’s plenty of reasons to dance if you stop to look for them,” he points out. 

Watch the video above or on YouTube