16 times 'dad reflexes' saved the day

Some of the quick-thinking dads in action.
Some of the quick-thinking dads in action. 

Most men admit they change when they become a dad – they can get a bit more emotional, their protective nature kicks up a notch or two, and they suddenly have an infinite supply of terrible jokes only a father can really get away with.

But it seems there's another change that comes their way once they have kids, too: they are given the gift of 'dad reflexes'. And while science has yet to study this phenomenon, there's a whole sub-Reddit category devoted to it.

Dads catching babies milliseconds before they fall face-first onto concrete from a height; dads grabbing kids moments before they ride their bikes into a car; dads nabbing toddlers before they put their mouth on a burning candle … these are the men who have developed almost superhuman speed and dexterity when it comes to saving their offspring from danger.

Of course, in some cases they may be the ones who actually got their child into a precarious position in the first place, but we'll ignore that for now. 

Here are some of the best examples of dad reflexes around. 

1. Dad the flying-car catcher


2. The old 'drop then catch the baby' trick


3. Close call, dad

4. *So* close

5. Could have been worse ... 

6. Stair-catching dad to the rescue

7. Snatched the last second

8. Double-duty dad

9. A disastrous set-up ... but nice save

10. Faceplant avoided!

11. The rarely seen one-handed-cake-catch 

12. Okay, she's not his child, but still impressive work

BONUS: A montage of four quick thinking dads in action!