10 cutest baby and toddler videos of 2014

Some of the cutest videos of 2014 featured dancing, tears, and a helpful dog.
Some of the cutest videos of 2014 featured dancing, tears, and a helpful dog. Photo: YouTube

They’re dancing, they’re singing, they’re chatting without using real words, they’re adorably confused, they’re emotional, they’re discovering the world around them … these are the stars of the top 10 cutest and funniest videos starring babies and toddlers from the year gone by.

1. This dancing Korean toddler was an internet sensation back in May. (Read more)

2. If only we could all start the day with such energy and joy – this baby wakes up with his own dance party. (Read more)

3. They’re brand new from the womb, but these twins clearly already have a lot to talk about. Aww! (Read more)


4. A toddler meets her dad’s identical twin brother for the first time … and it just blows her mind. (Read more)

5. She’s only little, but this sweet girl already feels all the big emotions watching this animated movie. You heart strings will be pulled, too. (Read more)

6. What problems can this little guy be singing about? Not enough TV time? Sandwiches cut into triangles instead of squares? We don’t know, but he’s really got the blues. (Read more) 

7. See the moment this seven-week-old hears for the very first time – a beautiful day for him and his family. (Read more)   

8. This little boy has very strong opinions about … well, about something. Seriously, don’t even try to change his mind on this. (Read more)   

9. A dog tries to teach his little human friend a few tricks – starting with the basic skill of crawling. (Read more)

10. Babies don’t always react well when their dad shaves off his beard. This one has an ingenuous way to work out if it’s really still him. (Read more)