Babies and toddlers who look like dolls

Babies that look like dolls

Pretty little faces, big eyes, long eyelashes, matching outfits ... these babies and toddlers have definitely found their doppelgängers in their favourite dolls.

Bubs in mugs: the 'baby mugging' craze

Baby in a mug craze

Baby mugging is the latest cute internet craze to go viral. Simply lay your baby on a flat surface, hold a mug over the top and take a snap, and voila, your baby mugging picture! (All images from Pinterest.)


Top 10 famous dads of the internet

Dads who win the internet

From the father who wore a skirt in solidarity with his son, to the military dad who surprised his daughter at a spelling bee contest: here are our favourite internet-famous dads. (via Daily Life)

Illustrator turns family photos into adorable characters

Maria Jose Da Luz

Maria Jose Da Luz, an illustrator from Costa Rica, uses photos of children and pets to create gorgeous personalised illustrations. Request a custom drawing from her Etsy page or see more on Facebook (links under drawings).

Beautiful mother and child images

World vision and Ken Duncan

World vision and Ken Duncan have created this inspiring book of photos and stories celebrating the special bond between mothers and children around the world. We decided to join in on the celebration and share some of these beautiful images just in time for Mother's Day. To purchase a copy of Vision of Hope: Mother & Child visit World Vision, all proceeds go towards assisting women and children around the world.

Babies with drawn-on eyebrows


Instagram is abuzz with a trend: parents drawing eyebrows on their babies with eyebrow pencil or eyeliner. Is it funny? Or just plain silly? Here are some of the best - and funniest - we've seen.  


Then and now: brothers recreate childhood photos

Luxton brothers

Luxton brothers Joe and Geb have gone to painstaking lengths to recreate old family photos from their younger years. Click through to see the details they included in their new shots, from wardrobe choices to the family dog, with even their uncle getting in on in the act.


Classic films drawn for kids' books

Josh Cooley

Artist Josh Cooley illustrates scenes from classic films in the style of Little Golden Books. Buy individual prints or his book of complete works from his blog,

20 movies you shouldn't watch while pregnant


From vampire babies to the Devil incarnate, pregnant men to crazed abductors, here are some movies you probably don't want to watch while pregnant.

Famous kids' books re-enacted by babies

Venture Photography

Created by Venture Photography ahead of National Storytelling Week in the US, these photos show babies as young as newborns posed in the style of 10 top children's books. Too cute!


Weird products for women

Need to go?

Change your body shape and your smile, and use only pink essentials in your day-to-day life, with these lady-only products. So really ... what were they thinking when they made them?


Sporting dads

Danny Green

With the sporting season fast approaching, EB presents high-profile Aussie athletes who are also fathers and great role models.


Best baby and toddler memes

Baby memes

Whether they're seemingly evil, drunk, regretful or skeptical - or even The Godfather - baby and toddler memes can be hilarious. 

The eggs that won Easter

Adventure Time Eggs

The humble Easter egg gets a pop culture makeover with these handpainted works of art from Instagram and YouTube (via

The best Peppa Pig apps

Peppa’s Seasons: Autumn & Winter

Suzi Catchpole Got a little Peppa Pig techie in your family? Need a minute to try on a dress while your child plays happily in the pram?


Reality TV shows that should exist


EVELYN LEWIN As a new season of 'I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here' starts, a mum considers the reality TV shows she'd love to watch.

Play School presenters of the past and present

Old favourites

Play School began in 1966 and is still entertaining our kids today. Check out the old and new crop of ABC presenters ... we love them all! (Photos via ABC & YouTube)


Funny Mother's Day ecards

Rotten eCards

Mother's Day cards don't all have to be overly sentimental and soppy! Share these funny, tongue-in-cheek ecards with a special mum you know.

Funny Parenting Ecards

Parenting memes -

Parenting can be a tough gig, so it's always good to try to keep a sense of humour about things. Here are a few of the best ecards we've come across while trawling the internet for parenting gold.

Most Memorable Screen Births

Packed to the Rafters (7)

Essential Baby presents the most memorable labours and births from TV and the movies, including the good, the bad, and the wholly unrealistic ...


Awkward Baby Photos

Awkward Baby Photos

Weird, funny, silly, wrong or just plain creepy, they're the baby photos that might be better left in the bottom drawer.

Awkward grandparents

Awkward Family Photos

Whether they're gun-toting, napping in the driveway or posing with a half-naked stranger, these grandparents are all just a little bit weird - and totally hilarious.

Celebrity pregnancy and birth news

Welcome baby Buble

We keep an eye on the expectant stars, showing off their maternity style, and sharing the very latest pregnancy and birth news.

WATCH: Three-year-old girl perfectly sings Little Mermaid's 'Part of My World'

Little Mermaid fan: Claire Crosby

AMBER ROBINSON Claire Crosby's heart-melting video has had over a million views in two weeks.


Weird vintage ads featuring babies and kids

Nothing does it like Seven-Up!

Guns, cocaine and beer ... there was nothing advertisers didn't want to associate with babies and young kids in the past. And it didn't matter if the kids looked a bit evil or odd while they were doing it, either ...

Unforgettable pregnancy and baby movies


Grab some popcorn, put your feet up and choose from one of these unforgettable pregnancy and baby movies to watch.


Bridget Jones' Plot Twist

Who’s the daddy of Bridget Jones' baby? Even Renee doesn't know

Renee Zellweger appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly alongside Bridget Jones's Baby co-stars Colin Firth and newcomer Patrick Dempsey

Lauren Ferri Renee Zellweger has revealed that the cast of Bridget Jones’s Baby has filmed three endings.

11 adorable babies and toddlers we met in 2015


They made us laugh, they made us cry happy tears, and we met them all this year. So much awwwww right here.


Moving on

'I've never dated a single mum before': Bachelorette's Michael moves on

He was dumped by Sam Frost on The Bachelorette, but the reality TV show has helped Michael Turnbull find love with another.

He was dumped by Sam Frost on The Bachelorette finale just a few months ago, but the reality dating TV show has helped Michael Turnbull find love with another.

Jimmy Giggle's fun new Christmas album

The new album is out now.

CATHERINE RODIE Jimmy Rees, AKA Jimmy Giggle, has earned a special place in the hearts of a whole generation of Aussie kids.

Adele has a released a new song to sing along in the car to: 'When We Were Young'

cr: Alasdair McLellan
Record company supplied image.
SL - Adele, nov 22

AMBER ROBINSON Singer follows up success of Hello with new belting ballad When We Were Young.


Wiggles reunite original members for pub gigs

The Wiggles: Coming to a pub near you.

PETER VINCENT While there won't be black skivvies instead of the customary red, yellow, blue and red tops, a planned pub tour by the original Wiggles lineup could feature rock songs.


Flying with babies and young children: A survival guide

Flying with babies.

JULIE MILLER Author and travel writer Julie Miller shares her experience of flying with a crying baby.

Essential Kids presents 'Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure'


Essential Kids is proud to announce that 'Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure' is coming to Australia in 2016.

Toddler huffs and puffs to blow out birthday candle

Two-year-old Marty Williamson tried his hardest to blow out his birthday candle.

LETITIA ROWLANDS It's one of the less recognised, but very important, milestones of early childhood development - the ability to blow out birthday candles without assistance.

Offspring back

Offspring to return to Ten in 2016

Kat Stewart and Asher Keddie will be back in <i>Offspring</i> in 2016, after Ten announced the series would return for a sixth season.

KARL QUINN The popular comedy drama about Nina Proudman and her family will be back on air next year.

Only one can win

The Bachelor 2015: Which girl will win Sam Wood's heart?

Sam Wood from <i>The Bachelor</i> has found love on the show.

EBONY BOWDEN If you listen closely, you will hear cafes, restaurants - even bus stops - abuzz with speculation about which lucky lady has won Sam Wood's heart.

How 4 fairy tales changed after kids came along

beauty beast

MEGAN BLANDFORD Fairy tales are all very well, but do you ever find yourself wondering what happened after the trite 'happily ever after' endings?

Ready, set, crawl! The sport of baby racing

The winner of the 1947 National Institute of Diaper Services Diaper Derby.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Modern day parents are often accused of being a competitive bunch. But this series of photos shows 1940s mums and dads wanted their babies to win before they could even walk - literally.

Justine Clarke invites you to her pyjama party

Justine Clarke is an accomplished actress, author and performer.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Justine Clarke is preparing for a new tour and the launch of her fifth studio album, Pyjama Jam! - and releasing a new book, too.

'Single mums' dudded by tradies on The Block

Suzi Taylor and Yvonne 'Vonnie' Cosier are competing on the latest season of The Block.

Darren Cartwright Some tradies have ripped off the ladies on The Block.

Season end nears

The Bachelor confirms he's met 'the one'

Bachelor - Sam Wood

EBONY BOWDEN Bachelor Sam Wood finally clears up rumours about on-screen tantrums, what it's really like to be the Bachelor, and reveals he found love on the show.

Adorable twins pretend to sleep upon hearing mum's voice

Suzi Catchpole Cute twin girls are up and playing in their cots until they hear their mum's voice through the monitor.


Run for the hills

The Today team's cringeworthy Iggy Azalea cover

Don't give up your day job ... even ACA's Tracy Grimshaw gets in on the act.

NICK GALVIN The presenters and reporters on Today have produced their own lip-sync cover of the rap star's hit track.

How much of The Bachelor is real? Former contestant tells all

Art chose Matilda as his match; Dani (right) was the runner-up.

Staff writers Given some of the cliches that come out of the girls' mouths, you could be forgiven for thinking The Bachelor is just one big set-up.

Parenting in the Facebook age: should we rethink how we share?


Stacey Steinberg When our children one day learn of the personal stories we've shared, will we find ourselves asking them for forgiveness?

Sam Moran

What ex-yellow Wiggle Sam did next

Former yellow Wiggle Sam Moran, pictured in 2007.

ELISSA BLAKE The usually chipper former Wiggle finds himself playing a gruff patriarch in the children's story of a magical nanny.

Video captures sweet surprise for grandparents

Baby Niall meets his grandmother Mary O'Regan for the first time.

It was a touching video that would strike a chord with the families of any ex-pat separated from the ones they love.

Meet Jeremy Ryan, The Voice contestant with seven kids

jeremy ryan

Darren Cartwright If you have trouble recalling the ages of Jeremy Ryan's seven children on The Voice, you're not alone. So does he.

Why I capture my baby's every moment in photos


Megan Ritchie Jooste When my daughter came into this world, the sleek silhouette of my iPhone was right there in the front row alongside the doctor.



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Wondersuit heaven: Bonds & Disney launch exclusive collection

Bonds and Disney fans with babies to buy for will be celebrating this news. Bonds and Disney have just released collaboration Wondersuits.

Perth hospital mistakes cancerous tumour for "behavioural issues"

When Naomi Holly, a mother of three, noticed her eight-month-old daughter Nora, was having difficulty crawling and standing up as normal, she knew there was something wrong.

Piano playing dad soothes son to sleep in moments

There's nothing more frustrating, or distressing to a parent than a sick child who can't  - or won't got to sleep. 

Lucky escape for mum and bub after snake found in couch

Perth mother Laurie Rushton Dyble was sitting on a recliner chair in her home holding her six-month-old son when her husband suddenly told her to get up and leave the room.

When your partner misses the birth

While no one wants their partner to miss their baby’s birth, it can happen. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

Motherhood challenge: smug or just a bit of fun?

The #motherhoodchallenge sounds harmless, doesn't it? Some women disagree.

Who's the mum? Family photo goes viral

Last year, it was "The Dress". This year, it is a family photo that is breaking the internet.

5 easy meditation practices for beginners

So who's with me? You know meditating is one of the best things you can possibly do for yourself.

Woman to go on trial for being a bad housewife

An Italian woman could face up to six years in jail after her husband accused her of not doing enough cooking and cleaning at home.

Is the latest advice on women and drinking over the top?

While most expectant mums know to stop drinking when they’re pregnant, experts now warn women should stop drinking earlier than that. Is this necessary?

How household chores can double as a workout

If there's less than a slim chance you'll find time to get out for a jog or to hit the gym today, take heart in knowing that household chores contribute to the calorie equation.

I have no idea what I'm doing - and that's okay

Why don't we talk about the fact that when everything goes right, we may still feel completely lost, and certain that we have failed?

Dad warns of hair tourniquet danger after baby almost loses toe

A shocked father has shared his family's experience in a bid to warn other parents about the dangers of hair becoming entangled around a baby's toe.

Town welcomes first baby in 28 years

Since the 1980s, the Italian town of Ostana had not seen the birth of a single baby.

How to start teaching your kids road safety

It's something that can be taught as early as possible and reinforced as they get older and more mobile - even from toddlerhood.

Just announced: Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic+ Collection update

Meet the brand new understated chic model from Bugaboo.

The emotional moment a mum hears her late son's heartbeat

It's been two and a half years since Heather Clark's seven-month-old son Lukas passed away.

Nine reasons why you have 'brain fog'

One minute your productivity is skyrocketing and the next you're sitting there trying to focus – just like that you draw blank, your brain, mush.

I had a caesarean and it was beautiful

Guess what? Despite not pushing him out, I cried, and my heart skipped, and I felt the rush of love and pride when I saw him for the first time.

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What's hot on EB

Penny Wong

'The most hurtful argument in the marriage equality debate'

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong is used to to hearing arguments against same-sex marriage. But for Australia's most prominent gay politician, one hurts more than others.

Does exercise have to be fun to work?

Some things in life are inherently served with a big scoop of fun: balloons, bubbles, cupcakes to name but a few, but exercise?

Hair dye gives woman second-degree burns

She wanted a fresh colour for 2016, but instead she got chemical burns.

Kelly Slater saves mum and toddler from 'freak wave'

A Perth family has thanked US surfing "legend" Kelly Slater after the star saved a mother and a young toddler from "a freak wave" in Hawaii.

Apple recalls millions of power adapters

Tech giant instigates massive international recall of power point adapters due to risk of electric shock.

Toddler's adorable alphabet goes viral

It's impossible not to share this little boy's excitement  about the alphabet.

Tot's nighttime waking saves family's life

Like all tired parents, Monique and Kyle Ruppel were looking forward to the day their 15-month-old daughter Celia would start sleeping through the night. 

Australian mum gives birth to quintuplets

An Australian mum who has shared the ups and downs of carrying quintuplets has welcomed her five babies into the world.

Dad of four girls faints at gender reveal for fifth baby

It was all too much excitement for this dad.

The simple way you can help your baby's language development

The way parents respond to their child's babbling can shape how their infants communicate.


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