Dad refuses to use wife's 'unique' baby name, even though it's 'her turn'

The couple couldn't agree on a baby name.
The couple couldn't agree on a baby name. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Naming a child is a big deal, so it can often be hard for partners to agree on a baby name.

Sometimes, there is just no way to compromise, which is the case of one couple on Reddit, with a father vetoing the name his wife chose, despite it being 'her turn'.

The couple have been together since they were 14 and got married when they were 21, having their first child a few years earlier at 25.

"Last year, we were going through some marriage difficulties and decided a break would be in both of our best interests," he writes. "We both just needed a little time apart after being together for so long."

The man explained that after they split up his wife ended up having a fling with a male friend, which resulted in a pregnancy. However her friend wanted nothing to do with the baby, so he and his wife rekindled their relationship and plan to raise the baby together.

Now that the baby's birth is getting closer, the pair have started thinking about names.

"The deal was I named our daughter Charlotte (my wife didn't actually like the name but she agreed so long as she got to name the next kid) and she can name our next child," he said, saying his wife told him yesterday she's found the perfect name in the book she was reading.

"I asked her what and she said 'Tuesday'," he said incredulously. "When she first said it, I admittedly laughed out loud and I asked her if she was serious," he continued. "She said yes, she was, and it's her decision."

"I followed her around the house and told her absolutely no way were we naming our son Tuesday, he'd get made so much fun of!" he exclaimed.


"My wife said no he wouldn't, lots of kids have unique names and aren't bullied," he says sceptically. "She wasn't hearing it and pointed out she hated the name Charlotte."

The man named their first child but agreed his wife could name their second.

The man named their first child but agreed his wife could name their second. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"I argued that's a totally different thing, Charlotte is a NORMAL name, our daughter won't get laughed at because of it," the man argued.

However, things look an ugly turn when they continued to argue for the rest of the day until she finally told him that 'he wasn't even his kid'.

"I just walked off and although she came right back and apologised and that she didn't mean it," he said.

"I was f---ing pissed."

Ending the post by explaining that he and his wife are still not talking, he's determined not to name their son Tuesday, asking for help from Reddit users for 'ammunition' when he explains to his wife 'why it's a ridiculous name'.

However, he didn't get exactly what he hoped for, with users declaring that he and his wife needed to reassess their attitudes.

"The whole thing is a mess," one user wrote. "You guys should have agreed on names you both liked with the first kid. The whole situation baffles me."

"One parent should NOT hate the name of the child. Both parents need to both love the name," another pointed out.

Others thought it spoke volumes about their relationship.

"I feel like the name of the kid is the least of their worries right now," one person wrote.

"The alternating names thing is one way of telling when a relationship is a power struggle rather than a partnership."