Help make mum feel appreciated

Help make mum feel appreciated

The founder of an infidelity website has warned that mothers who went unappreciated yesterday may seek an extramarital affair.

In a media release last week, Sigurd Vedal, founder of, an online dating site designed specifically for partnered Australians seeking an affair, said that the day after Mother’s Day is their second busiest day for female memberships overseas ( the day after Valentine’s Day is apparently the busiest.)

“Women cheat for different reasons than men. Whereas men are usually looking for sex, women tend to seek attention. Mother’s Day is a tipping point, with its events either failing to meet expectations or continuing a cycle of neglect,” added Mr Vedal.

A survey of 1,000 Australians conducted on behalf of Victoria Milan found that nearly half (47.4 per cent) of Australians mums who were in relationships on Mother’s Day 2012 were not made to feel special by their partners. Victorian mums felt the lease appreciated, with a dissatisfaction rate of 62.3%.

So what do mums actually want on Mother’s Day? According to blogger and stay at home mother Jody Allen, it’s as simple as a lie in, a good book and a meal that doesn’t come from a takeaway shop.

Vedal's survey is hardly impartial. Nevertheless blokes, it’s time to pull the finger out and make an effort. Or her fingers might start typing a-f-f-a-i-r.