Adam Sandler with his wife ... and two daughters, --- and ---

Adam Sandler with his wife Jackie Sandler and daughters Sadie and Sunny.

Comedian Adam Sandler has opened up about his hardships as a father, revealing he and his wife Jackie are often forced to find unique places to get intimate.

The Big Daddy star loves being a father to Sadie, five, and Sunny, three, but admits their love of snuggling with him as they drift off to sleep is playing havoc with his sex life.

"My two daughters literally fall asleep in the bed with me and my wife, a lot. So they're always there," he says.

"They're the best. I love them more than anything, they snuggle with you and all that stuff, but I am a grown man and I do like to have sex."

And one recent brush with romance really turned out bad for the actor/producer.

"I'm lying in bed with the wife, and the two kids are sleeping next to us," he explains.

"So we're laying there, and we're both up, and I said, 'Can we do this here?' And she said, 'No! You don't do that with your kids in the bed.'

"I was like, 'I don't move that much, I'm not going to wake them.' She says, 'No, we're not doing that; you can get arrested.' So I say, 'Can we go down the hall, they're not using their beds?'

"We get into my littlest one's bed, we flipped the lights off and I went at it pretty good; I did some serious damage in there. And afterwards, I said, 'Wasn't that pretty good?' And she (my wife) goes, 'What? Watching you bang Elmo?' It wasn't her."