Sealed section

Sealed section

Sex during pregnancy is a topic that needs a great deal of consideration, exploration and debate.  Now she’s up the duff what does that mean for your sex life moving forward? Is she going to be a raging nymphomaniac or a nun? What about you – what can you expect from yourself now that she’s expecting.

Do pregnant women get horny?

Pregnancy and birth are characterised by myths, wives tales, conspiracies of silence and bold faced lies. I’m sure you’ve heard that at some point in pregnancy women turn into an insatiable sex machine.  You might think sex will induce labor or be scared of tapping the baby on the head.

In this chapter we will bust some myths, put the ruler through a few wives tales and tell you why even if your partner does turn into a nympho it might be you that gets the yips.

Let’s start at the beginning and look at the burning issue at hand. What does happen to a woman’s sex drive during pregnancy? I didn’t want to waste my time at in the microfiche section at the state library looking up old research reports on the subject. Frankly I couldn’t care less what generation A was doing way back when my granny was promiscuous or what the hippies in the 70’s were up to when under the influence of hallucinogens....what about today’s sexually liberated generation W,X and Y.  

Where would one go to find such information? MySpace died, Facebook’s dying and Twitter just annoys the crap out of me so it was back to the parenting boards on the leading parenting websites. I know I’ve mentioned these sites before but I implore you to get on them yourself and read what women, just like your partner, are talking about on there. It’s more fun that Guitar Hero, more educational than the History channel and best of all it’s free......and somewhat addictive.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours over coffee and croissants with some fully fledged members of the uterus carrying club and have been subjected to more insights into the female mind than I’d anticipated or hoped for. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex drive during pregnancy I’ve come to the conclusion there is no guarantee your partner will be a nymphomaniac and if she does when it will happen. What we can tell you is the following:

  1. If she’s not feeling into sex and you are bugging her about it – expect to see your name up in lights on a pregnancy forum
  2. Most women seem to have periods of heightened sexual desire at some stage in their pregnancy and periods of zero interest at other times
  3. Many women report that orgasms during pregnancy are the best they have ever had
  4. Helping out around the house and telling her she is beautiful increases your chance of getting a Ronny Coot by 1000%