Dad-to-be Ryan Gosling memes

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With a baby on the way for Ryan Gosling and his wife Eva Mendes, we thought it was only necessary to see just how good of a dad Ryan could be - juggling his wife and baby.

What they don't tell dads-to-be about the big day

dad baby

Neil Lyndon Only one in 20 fathers now avoid being in the delivery room when their baby is being born. The rest, I guarantee, are desperately telling themselves to be brave and wondering where to look.

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The sweet antidote to the 'bumbling dad' ad stereotype

Ashleigh Gleeson Sick of seeing dads portrayed as bumbling, clueless fools on TV? So were the creators of this ad campaign, which aims to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked.

From penis amputation to fatherhood

mike moore

Vivian Ho After a botched circumcision as a child, Mike Moore was left without a penis. Years later, and after meeting the right surgeon, he was able to become a dad - naturally.

A great dad, but not a super hero


AMBER ROBINSON If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between the roles mothers and fathers play in the family home, this photo – or the public’s reaction to it – illustrated it entirely.

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Melanoma sufferer Nick Auden, behind 'Save Locky's Dad' campaign, dies

Nick Auden.

CAROLINE ZIELINSKI The father behind the extraordinary online campaign "Save Locky's Dad" has lost his battle with melanoma.

For the dad who has everything: the beer spa


Chris Owen A Queensland business is offering a treat for dads this Father's Day: the craft beer full body treatment spa.

Etsy finds for Father's Day


Babyology If you’re planning on hunting down something a little less run-of-the-mill for Dad this Father’s Day, then we have one word for you: Etsy.

Hate the toaster? It’s time for an affair


Staff Writers The founder of an infidelity website has warned that mothers who went unappreciated yesterday may seek an extramarital affair.

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Awkward dads

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Weird, wrong or just plain creepy - these are the awkward family photos Dad doesn't want you to see.

Dads' postnatal depression goes undiagnosed


LAKSHMI SINGH Around one in 20 dads are diganosed with PND - but many more with the condition go undiagnosed and untreated.


You know you're a dad when...


JOSEPH KELLY Remember when all you had to do to leave the house was slip on some footy shorts, a pair of thongs and shut the door behind you? Here are a few signs you may have a dose of fatherhood.

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Top 10 myths about baby making

Baby making

Being Dad Given the average couple can take over 10 months to fall pregnant, we thought it fitting to present 10 myths about conceiving.

Secret men’s business

tired father

Adele Horin Alan Chavez usually thinks nothing of abseiling down a 30-storey building to clean the windows. But after his daughter Luanna was born 11 months ago, the ''rope access technician'' became a bit concerned.

What if you wanted a baby but your partner didn't?


Terry Barnes The law is in the way when spouses disagree on becoming parents.

Father role linked to teen boys' behaviour

A father and son fishing off the Garden Wall at Sydney's Domain on 8 November 1957.

Amy Corderoy Teenage boys with a father figure in their lives are seemingly less likely to engage in delinquent behaviour, a US study has found. But lacking a father figure does not have a similar effect on girls.


Being Dad trailer DVD 2


Being Dad Being Dad 2 is all about the real work - bringing the baby home and coping, as a new family. We follow 6 dads, and gain tips that will help you become a better dad. No doubt.

Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day gift guide for the dad who has everything.

Sex during pregnancy


Being Dad Sex during pregnancy is a topic that needs a great deal of consideration, exploration and debate. If there is one thought in that vacuous mind of his, its sex. He’s a man, he’s capable of thinking about sex during a funeral, a football game or during dinner at your parents house.

The Can't do man


Being Dad If a guy tells his partner he isn’t interested in sex or can't do it during pregnancy it is often perceived that he just doesn’t find her attractive any more. It’s not true, don’t believe it.

The Can do man

Sex after baby

Being Dad The can do man is up for it, day or night, all the way up to the birth which is fabulous if you actually have a sex drive but a nightmare if sex is the last thing on your mind.

Being Dad book extract


An extract from the “Being Dad” book (Allen and Unwin)

Who is Being Dad? (FOR HER...)


Intro Who are these clowns to be telling you about pregnancy?

What she shouldn't eat

Pregnancy food

Book Extract | Being Dad I’m certain that most women worry more about what they shouldn’t eat than what they should.

Who is Being Dad? (FOR HIM...)


Who are these turkeys? You are probably wondering who the bloody hell are these blokes who have penned a book, a series of films and ultimately this site?

Being Dad: About to become a dad


Being Dad He has just heard the news he is about to become a dad. His reaction to the big news that he's about to become a dad...


We're having a baby

tired father

Being Dad Very few bigger phrases exist than “Im pregnant. Those 2 words change almost every male into a confused, blathering mess. Its only for a little while though, writes Troy Jones


The online female language of being pregnant

Essential Baby member survey

Being Dad This intrepid reporter goes where no man has gone before - pregnancy web boards in the TRYING TO CONCEIVE AREA


Conception or mis-conception?

Sex after baby

Being Dad Perhaps conception should really be called mis-conception as there are many mis-conceptions about conception.

Fertility checks and pregnancy tests


Being Dad The Being Dad guys discuss pregnancy tests, sperm checks and insemination techniques.


Dads Zone

Dads can come and chat in the dads zone

Famous Dads

Dads in profile

Well-known Aussie dads discuss the juggle of high-profile careers and fatherhood.

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Share the little things that make you smile

We're giving away a Mountain Buggy nano, the ultimate travel stroller - and here are some of the great entries so far.

Toddler pleads for return of "stolen" nose

A two-year-old's reaction to a game of "got your nose" shows it doesn't take much to make a toddler cry.

The 15 photos new parents share (and five they don't)

From the first scan photo to the baby covered in cake at their first birthday party, there are 15 photos most parents seem to share - and some they don't.

Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns

His job is to deliver babies, but this US obstetrician also has a unique way of celebrating the miracle of life.

Breastfeeding friendly café goes viral

A photo of a breastfeeding-friendly sign in a cafe has been posted to Facebook and shared by hundreds of mums around the world.

First look at the Bugaboo Bee3

The newest Bugaboo Bee – the Bee3 – offers a variety of improved features, including a much asked-for bassinet and a rainbow of colour combinations.

Childcare costs, not paid leave, the real issue for parents

Given the choice between maintaining their wage for six months to have a child, or having a reduced rate of pay for a time but a better deal on childcare when returning to work, there are no odds on what most working parents would choose.

Win a Mountain Buggy nano

We’re giving away the new Mountain Buggy Nano - the lightweight travel buggy! So show us the little things that make you smile for your chance to win.

We lost three babies in two years

Our first pregnancy ended the way we all expected it to - with a healthy, happy baby in our arms. What a true blessing he was, for we were not to know the heartache we were about endure.

Family turned back from doomed flight MH17

'There must have been someone watching over us and saying, 'You must not get on that flight,' says mother who narrowly avoided boarding the Malaysian Airlines flight which exploded in mid-air over the Ukraine last night.

The myths and facts about "normal" breastfeeding

When it comes to successful breastfeeding, there is a wide variety to what is "normal", according to new research.

Adorable Skeanie loafers for kids

Your little toddler or preschooler can now get their nautical on with a new range of classic loafers by Australian show brand Skeanie.

My baby is hypermobile

For months, I have been telling myself not to worry that Jasmin isn't crawling or walking. This week I heard the term hypermobile for the first time.

When you don’t bond with your baby

They say that there is no bond greater than the bond between a mother and her child. But for some women, the mother-baby bond takes more time and effort to develop.

Yumi Stynes: Having a baby after a 10-year break

After a long break, Yumi Stynes gets a reminder of the pain - and the pleasure - of giving birth.

Grieving father asks for help to Photoshop his daughter's image

When Nathan Steffel's daughter Sophia died from a liver condition at just 6 weeks old, he reached out for someone to create a beautiful image of his little girl.

Raising kids in a 'low media' home

Can you imagine a life without TV or computers? Some parents are opting for a low-tech, screen-free life for their kids.

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Win a Mountain Buggy nano

We’re giving away the new Mountain Buggy Nano - the lightweight travel buggy! So show us the little things that make you smile for your chance to win.

Be careful what you say, your baby is listening

The importance of speaking to your baby even if they are not old enough to answer back has been highlighted by new research.

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Three lucky fans can win a Sea-Band Prize Pack valued at over $1000 each, which includes two Sea-Bands plus a $1000 Eftpos Gift Card!

The beautiful moment a baby was born at the side of a road

It's not where she expected to give birth, but mum Corrine Cinatl is delighted that her daughter's roadside arrival was captured in a series of beautiful photos.

Doctor sings first Happy Birthday to newborns

His job is to deliver babies, but this US obstetrician also has a unique way of celebrating the miracle of life.

The Nappy Collective starts new drive

It's that time of year when the dedicated volunteers at The Nappy Collective do their bit to help out mums and children in need - and they need your help.

Baby shower cake wrecks

From misshapen cake babies to questionable text, from odd colour choices to internal organ recreation, these are the baby shower cakes that taste forgot.

Photographer captures the beauty of adoption

The love of a family is usually tough to capture on camera. This is an exception.

Pregnancy progression photo ideas

Want to record your pregnancy as your belly grows? Here are some creative, fun ideas for photo shoots along the way.

The myths and facts about "normal" breastfeeding

When it comes to successful breastfeeding, there is a wide variety to what is "normal", according to new research.

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