'Amazing mama hack': Mum's genius 'edible sand' trick for kids goes viral

Photos: TikTok
Photos: TikTok 

It's safe to say that at one point in your life, you've probably tried to eat sand.

Whilst it's unlikely been awhile since sampling a nice dish of grounded rock and mineral particles, there may be little ones in your life that are currently giving into the temptation of shoving fistfuls of it in their mouth.

Don't worry if this is the case, because one clever mum on TikTok has found a solution!

User @elleannachristine shared her clever hack, which involved blending the cereal Cheerios until it resembles a fine sand like texture.

The clever mum blended Cheerios to look like sand

The clever mum blended Cheerios to look like sand Photo: TikTok

She posted it on TikTok, with the hashtag #sensoryplay, where it immediately took off.

The video has been shared over 2.6 million times, with parent's worldwide loving the trick.

"Yess!!" one user commented. "So, if she accidentally eats the sand it's ok because it's freaking Cheerios"

Her daughter loved playing in the 'sand'

Her daughter loved playing in the 'sand' Photo: TikTok


"Well if this isn't the most genius thing I've ever seen…too bad my youngest is 6 now lol" said another.

"Did this with my little boy today after seeing this!!" an excited mum wrote. "Amazing mama hack"

Although a lot of people loved the sand hack, some users were concerned her daughter may now think all sand is edible, which could be a problem when they next go to the beach.

"What happens when you go to an actual beach and she eats sand thinking it's okay?" a user asked, with someone pointing out infants would probably eat the sand regardless.

"They aren't teaching her it's okay to eat the sand, they're just making it safer in case she does" a user suggested "cause babies will put anything in their mouth."

Elle, @elleannachristine, has since posted another edible sensory play craft to her TikTok account, another video she posted showed her setting some of her daughter's toys in jelly for her to play with and eat!