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Car ploughs through childcare centre in Macquarie Park

A car has crashed into a childcare centre Macquarie Park in Sydney's north-west.

Kate Aubusson 9:20pm A car has crashed into a childcare centre and ploughed through a playground in Sydney's north west on Tuesday, moments before children were due to be let out for a break.

Doritos 'ultrasound' ad sparks controversy

The Doritos Superbowl advertisement has divided opinion.

CATHERINE RODIE 2:16pm If Doritos hoped that their  "ultrasound" Super Bowl ad would get people talking then they will be delighted.

Perth hospital mistakes cancerous tumour for "behavioural issues"

Nora Holly.

CATHERINE RODIE When Naomi Holly, a mother of three, noticed her eight-month-old daughter Nora, was having difficulty crawling and standing up as normal, she knew there was something wrong.

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Mums to follow on Instagram


12:18pm A creative outlet for many, there are some savvy women complementing their blogs and businesses with riveting Instagrams feeds. We've chosen a few which have bucketloads of appeal; there are some big time players and some smaller local ones, and they each bring their special brand of magic to the Instagram experience.

Rose Byrne welcomes baby boy

Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne.

AAP Rose Byrne has welcome her first child with partner Bobby Cannavale.

Katie Price defends toddler's pierced ears

Bunny as she appears on her mum's Instagram account.

AAP Katie Price has defended piercing the ears of her 18-month-old daughter Bunny by comparing it to the religious practice of circumcision.

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Is baby Esme the world's youngest backpacker?

Little Esme was just 10-weeks-old when she headed off on a backpacking adventure with her parents.

CATHERINE RODIE 12:16pm For many new mums, venturing to the supermarket with a baby is enough of an adventure. This family went backpacking for 10 months! 

City breaks with a baby: spotlight on Sydney and Brisbane

Take a Sydney ferry across to Manly.

JO HARTLEY Whether you're travelling for a special occasion, to visit family or friends, or just seeing a new place, a short city break with your baby can be a lot of fun for everyone.

Video shows why kids need to be watched at train stations

Danger zone: a child steps towards the platform gap before falling through.

MATT O'SULLIVAN Video footage of children falling in gaps between trains and platforms has prompted a warning to parents and carers.


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10 ways to save money right now

Where there's a will there's a way to save money.

Bessie Hassan Altering a couple of old habits and developing new ones could boost your family's savings significantly.

Government to compromise on paid parental leave 'double dipping'


LISA COX The Turnbull government has confirmed it is backing away from unpopular changes to paid parental leave.

Parents to get random 'spot checks' on work hours in Coalition plan

Parents seeking to qualify for childcare subsidies will be subject to spot checks on their working hours under a Coalition plan.

JUDITH IRELAND Families will be subjected to random "spot checks" from the government to make sure they are reporting their work hours accurately under the Coalition's new childcare plan.

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Babies and toddlers who look like dolls

Babies that look like dolls

4:01pm Pretty little faces, big eyes, long eyelashes, matching outfits ... these babies and toddlers have definitely found their doppelgängers in their favourite dolls.

Bubs in mugs: the 'baby mugging' craze

Baby in a mug craze

3:52pm Baby mugging is the latest cute internet craze to go viral. Simply lay your baby on a flat surface, hold a mug over the top and take a snap, and voila, your baby mugging picture! (All images from Pinterest.)


Top 10 famous dads of the internet

Dads who win the internet

1:58pm From the father who wore a skirt in solidarity with his son, to the military dad who surprised his daughter at a spelling bee contest: here are our favourite internet-famous dads. (via Daily Life)

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Amazing themed wedding cakes

Scrabble cake

2:01pm When a couple shares a love of games, comics, movies, TV shows, or a niche hobby, wonderful things can happen - like these fantastically themed wedding cakes.


Kitchen gadgets you want right now

All the gadgets you want, and ones you never knew you needed.

Suzi Catchpole 10:46am Kitchen gadgets - the weird, wonderful, the cult items and traditional. You'll want them all.


Germ hot spots in your kitchen

Germs in the kitchen

A study has revealed the top nine spots contaminated with salmonella, E. coli, mould and yeast in the family kitchen. Find out which spots germs are likely to be lurking in your kitchen, and simple ways to keep your kitchen clean.

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Dad's funny parenting Post-Its


Chris Illuminati, a stay-at-home dad to a four-year-old boy and nine-month-old girl, writes about parenthood and family life on his blog, Message With A Bottle. Here are some of the Post-It parenting musings he's shared that have struck a chord with mums and dads around the world.


Awkward dads

Awkward Dads

Weird, wrong or just plain creepy, these are the photos Dad doesn't want you to see. (Source:

Dad discovers a present even better than Apple Watch


Staff writers This man thought he was getting an Apple Watch as a birthday present, but he was wrong.

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Chocolate drizzled nutella meringues


The Kitchen Coquette Easy to make and even better to eat, your kids will love these nutella meringues.

Reader reviews

DIY guacamole


Jill Dupleix Mexican restaurants now offer a guacamole service at your table, crushing the avocado in a traditional molcajete or mortar and mixing it with condiments just before you eat it. Here's a version for you to try at home. Set everything up at the table and get pounding for the freshest guac you've ever had.

Chocolate-coated fairy wands


NICOLE AVERY These super simple chocolate coated fairy wands are perfect for a princess or fairy party and by changing the colours of the sprinkle they would easily work for a Harry Potter or Halloween party too. With only a few steps, this recipe is a perfect one to get the kids cooking in the kitchen.

Reader reviews

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Wondersuit heaven: Bonds & Disney launch exclusive collection

Bonds and Disney fans with babies to buy for will be celebrating this news. Bonds and Disney have just released collaboration Wondersuits.

Town welcomes first baby in 28 years

Since the 1980s, the Italian town of Ostana had not seen the birth of a single baby.

Great-great-grandma delivers great grandchild in her own home

''I've delivered calves, lambs, dogs and cats, but nothing like this.'' This 'Super Gran' calmly peeled the amniotic sac over her great-grandson's head before discovering the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck ... twice.

How to start teaching your kids road safety

It's something that can be taught as early as possible and reinforced as they get older and more mobile - even from toddlerhood.

Just announced: Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic+ Collection update

Meet the brand new understated chic model from Bugaboo.

The emotional moment a mum hears her late son's heartbeat

It's been two and a half years since Heather Clark's seven-month-old son Lukas passed away.

Nine reasons why you have 'brain fog'

One minute your productivity is skyrocketing and the next you're sitting there trying to focus – just like that you draw blank, your brain, mush.

I had a caesarean and it was beautiful

Guess what? Despite not pushing him out, I cried, and my heart skipped, and I felt the rush of love and pride when I saw him for the first time.

Microcephaly still a mysterious condition around the world

For parents, having a child with microcephaly can mean a life of uncertainty.

7 baby firsts you won't see on milestone charts

Here are a few 'other' baby firsts you may not have been expecting, but you'll want to be ready for.

Why it's important to vaccinate on time

My son was born on the 1 July 2014. It's a fabulous birthday, don't you think? Not only does the first of July ring in a new financial year, but it also means we've hit the year's half way mark.

Naturopath treatment allegedly left baby "days from death"

A naturopath whose treatment of a baby boy allegedly led to the infant being severely ill has pleaded not guilty to charges against her. 

Andy Murray's emotional speech to pregnant wife after Australian Open

A teary-eyed Andy Murray promised pregnant wife Kim he'd be on the next plane home after his turbulent two weeks at the Australian Open came to an end.

This toddler and his duck BFF will melt your heart

A small boy in the US has struck up a quacking good friendship with an unlikely companion ... his pet duck. 

Great news for coffee drinkers - caffeine is good for your heart

Researchers have found that, contrary to prior belief, caffeine does not cause health-threatening heart palpitations.

I always wanted children - but I've found other ways to be maternal

I've always been one of the most maternal women I know.

When only one parent wants to know the gender

For some couples you either both want to know the gender of your unborn baby, or you don't. For others, it's not that simple.

'No jab no play' could hurt disadvantaged children, experts fear

Tough new "no jab no play" laws could hurt children who have not been immunised due to family dysfunction, poverty, or poor access to medical support, experts warn.

Zika virus: Airlines offer refunds to pregnant women

Airlines and cruise companies across the world are offering refunds or travel credits to pregnant women who are scheduled to visit countries struck by the devastating Zika virus.

#meditateonthis: Mums fight back against PND ignorance

Not all women will require medication, but many will. And there isn't and shouldn't be any shame in that.

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Penny Wong

'The most hurtful argument in the marriage equality debate'

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong is used to to hearing arguments against same-sex marriage. But for Australia's most prominent gay politician, one hurts more than others.

Does exercise have to be fun to work?

Some things in life are inherently served with a big scoop of fun: balloons, bubbles, cupcakes to name but a few, but exercise?

Hair dye gives woman second-degree burns

She wanted a fresh colour for 2016, but instead she got chemical burns.

Kelly Slater saves mum and toddler from 'freak wave'

A Perth family has thanked US surfing "legend" Kelly Slater after the star saved a mother and a young toddler from "a freak wave" in Hawaii.

Apple recalls millions of power adapters

Tech giant instigates massive international recall of power point adapters due to risk of electric shock.

Toddler's adorable alphabet goes viral

It's impossible not to share this little boy's excitement  about the alphabet.

Tot's nighttime waking saves family's life

Like all tired parents, Monique and Kyle Ruppel were looking forward to the day their 15-month-old daughter Celia would start sleeping through the night. 

Australian mum gives birth to quintuplets

An Australian mum who has shared the ups and downs of carrying quintuplets has welcomed her five babies into the world.

Dad of four girls faints at gender reveal for fifth baby

It was all too much excitement for this dad.

The simple way you can help your baby's language development

The way parents respond to their child's babbling can shape how their infants communicate.


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