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Half of women fear having a baby will hurt their career

Having a baby can be scary for a thousand different reasons, but the possibility that you could lose your job, or that your career will suffer, shouldn't be one of them. However, nearly half of all working women are nervous about how having a baby could affect their career, according to a PwC study, released recently.

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Halloween baby carrier costume ideas

40 adorable halloween costumes for baby-wearing parents

Depending on the age of your little one when Halloween rolls around, trick-or-treating might be made a lot easier with the use of a baby carrier. To make sure that your baby's adorable costume doesn't get hidden by the entire Ergo or Baby Bjorn, you could incorporate the carrier into the costume completely.

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8 clever gadgets for busy mums

We could all use a helping hand to wrangle life with a little one. These eight gadget are a must-have for busy mums.

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