What kind of mother do you aspire to be?

Boy swinging
Boy swinging Photo: Getty images

I'm in the honeymoon phase of packing lunches. It might sound silly but this is the kind of task I looked forward to in becoming a mother. It's mundane but in its own way it's creative, and it gives me an opportunity to love and care for my child in a very practical way.

I look forward to other things too. I look forward to dropping him off at school, waving him in and kissing him for as long as he lets me.

I look forward to taking him to sporting games, sitting on the sidelines and cheering him on, unless he chooses to play cricket - then it's all Dad!

I'm going to be the mother who brings the oranges, the bottle of 'Magic Spray' to fix bumps and bruises, the volunteer in the canteen and, if need be, write the minutes at the Club meeting.

I'm going to be the mum that takes him on adventures to far and away places, like the local blueberry farm.

I'm going to be the mum who reads books every night and reads "just one more".

I'm going to be the mum who introduces him to classic films like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story, because they're awesome.

I'm going to be the mum who cooks with my son. We're going to make pikelets in the shape of rabbits and we're going to add chocolate chips just because we can.

I'm going to be the mum who plays endless games of handball, because I'm really good and I fancy whipping his little butt.


I'm going to be the mum who makes hand-made kites and then sits on the hill and sulks with my boy when they won't fly.

I'm going to be the mum who helps him look for fairies in the garden. We're going to Google the best way to catch them.

And I'm going to be the mum who dances in the rain, jumps in the puddles and pretends the off-cuts of timber in the shed are grand ships to sail down the overflowing gutters.

That's the kind of mother I'm going to be.

What kind of mother do you aspire to be?

Bree blogs about motherhood at A Twinkle in the Eye. This post has been republished with permission.