Novak Djokovic's reaction to photo of his kids is adorable: 'They are my dearest people'

Photo: Eddie Jim.
Photo: Eddie Jim. 

He had just defeated Rafael Nadal in straight sets, in a history-making Australian Open final, but tennis ace Novak Djokovic proved he was no match for an adorable photo of his kids watching him play.

Djokovic - who is now the first man to have won the Australian Open seven times - turned to mush upon seeing the heartwarming photo of son Stefan, 4, and daughter Tara, 1, who stayed at home in Serbia with mum Jelena.

The tots were snapped watching their dad on the television, like most of the viewers of the tournament around the world.

He was shown the photo in an interview with Nine reporters immediately following the match and the emotion he felt was clear - he's actually made of marshmallow on the inside, despite his formidable performance on the court. "Oh gosh please keep [the photo] there for a while," he gushed. "I love it."

When asked if he was missing them he replied, "Of course, and in moments like this even more but I'l be there in a few days and we'll share these wonderful emotions."

He explained that he got to speak to his family back home just before walking onto the court for the final. "They bring me love and serenity, which is just what I need before a match," he told the team of reporters.

"I like things calm before a match... speaking to them calms me down and brings me this positive energy that I carry onto the court."

Watch the interview here.


In his victory speech, Novak credited his family for the sacrifices they have made so he can play at the top of his game, which in the past year, included elbow surgery and intensive rehabilitation.

"I would like to say hello to my family, starting with my wife and my son Stefan and daughter Tara," he said. "I hope they've been watching – well at least they said before the match that they would watch."

"Trophies are even more special when I have someone so dear and so special to me in my life to share this with," he said.

"They are my dearest people on this planet next to my two brothers and my parents. I love them very much. I want to thank them for unconditional love and support through all these years.

"They've sacrificed a lot of their time and energy for me to live my dream to be standing here today and I try to always remind myself and not take that for granted."

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Photo: Jelena Djokovic / Twitter