'It's my right': mother-in-law insists on being in the delivery room

The woman was baffled her DIL didn't want her in the delivery room.
The woman was baffled her DIL didn't want her in the delivery room.  Photo: Getty Images

Giving birth is a very personal experience. It can be daunting and leave a woman feeling at her most vulnerable.

But one determined mother-in-law is ignoring these facts and demanding she be in the delivery room when her grandchild is born - despite the fact her future daughter-in-law said no.

In a Reddit post the woman told how it was her "right" to be at the birth as her son told her he was happy for her to attend in place of him. 

Unsurprisingly, the woman actually giving birth to the baby is furious.

The poster explained her 23-year-old son and his 21-year-old fiancé were "shocked" when they first discovered they were pregnant.

"My son told me privately that he wasn't ready to be a dad especially since he wanted to get married first, finish college then think about kids," she said in a post. "But his fiancé insisted on going through with her pregnancy."

The grandma-to-be said, because they are both students, she's helped them out by buying some baby essentials - like nursery items and clothing. She has also paid for the mother-to-be's medical appointments and vitamins. 

"I was told to step in since he's my grandbaby," she said. 

The woman explained her son keeps asking her to "do things on his behalf since he was busy". 

Her daughter-in-law was furious.

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"I honestly felt worried the baby won't get the attention and care he need with my son's behaviour," she said.

However, the woman may have taken her concern one step too far — insisting on being in the room when the baby was born.

"After talking to my son, he said it was okay for me to be present in the delivery room with his fiancé to welcome my grandbaby and also support her," she said.

To grandma's surprise (but nobody else's) her future daughter-in-law was not impressed.

"She blew up on me when I brought it up to her saying no, she doesn't want me there and wants my son instead," the shocked woman wrote. "I was upset with how she was behaving especially after everything I've done.

"I think I deserve some respect and my voice to be heard. But she kept lashing out at me when I told her I had the right and demanded to be present in the delivery room."

The mum-to-be called her partner "immature and selfish" and told him he "doesn't deserve to be a dad since he wasn't interested like he's interested in his study."

Reddit users agreed with her daughter-in-law, pointing out that it's her body and baby, so she gets to call the shots.

"You've given birth before, you know how intimate and scary it can be," one person pointed out. "Support the mum in HER choices."

"Birth isn't a goddamn spectator sport," agreed another. "It's a dangerous, intimate, SCARY medical procedure."

Others urged her to focus her attention on her son, saying he needs to "step up" and support his future wife and child.

"This is a defining moment for your son, to help bring his child into the world," one woman pointed out.

"This is exactly what he needs to help him start growing up."