Dad's genius date night solution

 Photo: Facebook/LadBaby

All parents know that when it comes to date night, half the battle is finding someone who can babysit for the night, without it costing more than the entire date itself. But one dad got super creative when his wife lamented she'd love a night out, by bringing the night out to them at home.

"Can we do date night soon?" said the wife the day before. "It's been ages – we haven't gone out in so long!"

The husband, known online as Ladbaby, says babysitting is so expensive and suggest they get takeaway instead. But every woman knows a pizza on the couch is NOT the same as date night.

So Ladbaby agrees to arranging something the next night. He tells his wife to dress up and get her hair done, and come back home about 8pm.

What she sees when she gets there is hilarious, dorky, super fun and very sweet.

It doesn't start well, because the poor woman was actually expecting a night out. When she realises her regular babysitter isn't there, she smells a rat. But Ladbaby soon redeems himself with an epic date-night-at-home plan.

He leads his wife through their house, and out into their back yard where he reveals an inflatable pub. That's right. Air of the Dog is an inflatable pub he has hired and erected in their garden. It's awful and magical all at once.

He jumps behind the bar and pours his wife a large glass of wine, and they sit down at the bar with bowls of nuts and the baby monitor. Rock and roll.

But the fun doesn't end there. After the evening has kicked on a bit, Air of the Dog turns into a dance venue, with strobe lights and a smoke machine – so the couple dance away the evening.

At the end of the night, with wife happy and grateful for all the effort, Ladbaby suggests they keep the pub. "No," is the answer, but it's clear they had a great night.

One does wonder how much money Ladbaby spent on that date night at home, because I'm assuming it's more than a babysitting would have cost. But what the heck, it was adorable.