Business takes a dive after woman insists on putting her baby in website photos

The woman insists on posting pictures of her baby on the company wesbite.
The woman insists on posting pictures of her baby on the company wesbite. Photo: Getty Images

It's not unusual for parents to think their baby is the cutest; however not everyone is always going to agree.

A teenager whose sister recently had a baby has had to break it to her that, unfortunately, not everyone wants to see photos of her child. Especially when she's posting the pictures on the family business website.

"My sister just had a baby and he's a couple months old, kinda in that ugly chicken phase," the honest Reddit post began.

She went on to explain that her sister co-owns a successful business with their parents and it's her job to post pictures of the products on their website, and her sister insists on including her baby in these images – despite the business not being at all related to children.

"She will post photos of my nephew either on the goods, partially obscuring the items, or with items on top of him," she revealed. "Business has taken a noticeable dive and people keep emailing the store to ask if they can get clearer pictures."

Customers had complained about the pictures on the website.

Customers had complained about the pictures on the website. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Things got serious when someone left a bad review of the store after purchasing items saying; "I came here to buy, not look at someone's baby."

"My sister took it the wrong way and actually blacklisted the customer," she continued. "[She] also sent a strongly worded email to them saying they're a family business and how dare they criticise her and no one knows what she's been through."

The outburst resulted in her parents having to step in offer the customer a full refund.


When she tried to bring it up with her sister, it did not go down well.

"I gently said to my sister that maybe she should keep work and family separate. She started screaming at me that I'm a stupid kid and I don't know what I'm talking about," the teenager exclaimed.

"My parents asked me to apologise to her which I don't think I should do."

Most of the Reddit users agreed with the OP, acknowledging that even though they understand the woman is proud of her son, it's unprofessional to have baby pictures on a company website.

"By prioritising images of her baby over images of products she is making it hard on the customer and they will not buy from your family business," one commented.

"I would be so turned off," another bluntly said.